Protect Yourself against Sexual Harassment Using Your Own Cell Phone Tracking App

Sexual Harassment.jpgSoftware and apps that cell phone spy tools are growing in popularity recently, mainly among employers and parents. Employers monitor their workers’ cell phone activity, while parents spy on their children’s cell phone habits. But aside from these obvious benefits and uses of installing cell phone spyware on your loved one’s mobile phone, did you know that it’s also good idea to install the software on your own smartphone?

The Power of a Cell Phone Tracking App

For those who are not familiar with cell phone spy software, it is a piece of software installed on a phone for the purpose of monitoring. Once installed, it can extract and store all data and information stored on the phone – text messages, call details, social media posts, emails, and so on. These features make it easier for parents to monitor their children, and  for employers to keep track of their employees. And by installing it on your own phone, you can enhance your device’s security features, and you can use this software to prove instances of sexual harassment at work.

Warning Signs of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexist Behavior

Sexist remarks and jokes can make you very uncomfortable, but is there anything you can do about it? Well, not all people know that sexist jokes and remarks are considered sexual harassment. So, if you’re sick and tired of hearing such words from a coworker, it’s time that you let your manager know about it so he or she can do something to address the issue.

Bribery and Coercion

If your boss offers to give you a promotion but asks for a sexual favor in return, this is a form of sexual harassment. If you say NO and he forces or coerces you about it, then you have a stronger case of sexual harassment. You shouldn’t hesitate to seek help if this happens to you, and you can also use any sexual messages or photos sent to you as evidences. When you have a cell phone spy software remote install on your phone, you can get all the proof that you need, even the messages you have deleted already.

Textual Harassment

This kind of harassment involves the sending of text messages, photos, and even videos that are sexually provocative. When you keep receiving such messages or images from a coworker and you have expressed your disapproval and discomfort of it, you can certainly file a harassment case against such co-worker.

What to Do

Sexual harassment can have a number of negative effects on a person, such as fear, anxiety, as well as depression. But you shouldn’t feel helpless if you think you’re being a victim of sexual harassment. Protect yourself using apps for cell phone spy software without installation, and have more awareness of your rights at work.

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