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Parents, You Need To Be Aware Of This Dangerous Game! Parents, You Need To Be Aware Of This Dangerous Game!
The internet is a dangerous place for kids. There’s sexual predators, hackers, and life-threatening online challenges Parents, You Need To Be Aware Of This Dangerous Game!

The internet is a dangerous place for kids. There’s sexual predators, hackers, and life-threatening online challenges and games. The one game that continues to stick around is the Choking Game. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, from 1995 to 2007, 82 children have died from participating in the Choking Game. And this statistic doesn’t include the children who have died since then.

Below, we’ll discuss what the Choking Game is, the dangers, and what you can do about it.


What’s The Choking Game?


The Choking Game involves children cutting off their air supply through temporary asphyxiation, in order to have a moment of euphoria. Children usually play it in groups and try to choke one another, or do it themselves with a belt or rope.

This dangerous game is assumed to have started during the 1930s. Knowledge about the game first spread through word-of-mouth, and now through posting videos on YouTube and social media platforms. This game is also referenced as Space Monkey, Flatliner, and Pass-Out Challenge.

If a person plays the Choking Game for too long, it can result in some serious consequences.


The Health Risks


Brain Damage

As described before, the point of the Choking Game is to lessen your oxygen intake to get to a state of feeling high. When someone isn’t getting the oxygen they need, their brain cells can die, leaving them permanently brain damaged. This can occur in just one minute of playing this dangerous game.  



As most know, having a lack of oxygen for too long can lead to death. With the Choking Game, death can occur at the hand of another or by the participant themselves.

According to Dr. Thomas Andrew, “If a player has his/her hands around a partner’s neck and stimulates a small mass of nerve cells, called the carotid bodies, the heart can be brought to a virtual standstill.”


Other Health Risks Include:

  • Wheezing
  • Passing Out
  • Strokes
  • Seizures
  • Headaches

These health risks should be alarming to any parent. Watch the video below to learn about the Choking Game and the health risks.


The Story of Erik Robinson


In 2010, Erik Robinson was a 12-year-old boy with his whole life ahead of him. He was an active member of Boy Scouts, and even earned a leadership award. After returning from a Boy Scouts trip, he participated in the Choking Game by himself at his home. He tied a rope around his neck and attached it to a pull-up bar in his kitchen. Unfortunately, the suffocation lasted too long, cutting off his oxygen and blood supply, which led to his death.

After this tragic event, his mother, Judy Rogg, created the nonprofit Erik’s Cause. Her goal was to create awareness about the Choking Game and educate children and parents about it. She created an 8-minute program which focuses on teaching children about the game and the dangers of it. To date, about 10,000 students have taken this program.

View the Stop The Choking Game program video below. 


How To Prevent Your Child From Playing
The Choking Game


Talk To Your Child

The first step in preventing your child from playing the Pass-Out Challenge is by talking with them on a regular basis. Ask them how everything is going, who their friends are, and what they are doing when hanging out with others. You’ll gain insight into their mindset and if their friends are trustworthy. You can also be upfront about it by educating them about the Choking Game and why they shouldn’t be playing it.


Spy On Your Child’s Phone

The easiest way to see if your child is participating in or hearing about this game is by checking out their cell phone. Participants of the game often record videos and upload them to social media channels. By using spy software, you would be able to see their videos, social media activities, and text messages. So, if any of their friends are texting them about participating, you’ll know. A plus about using spy software is that you can spy on their cell phone without having access to it and without them knowing.  


Require Them To Keep Their Bedroom Door Open

Based on stories about past game participants, children usually play it in their bedrooms. As a parent, make sure your child keeps their door open when they’re awake or have friends over. That way, you can see everything they are doing and prevent them from trying anything dangerous.


The Choking Game is just one of many online dangers you need to watch out for. Thankfully, social media channels and YouTube are cracking down on inappropriate videos children are exposed to. Don’t let your child become another statistic. If you suspect that your child is playing this game, don’t ignore it – take action.


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