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Online Dating Tips You Need To Follow Online Dating Tips You Need To Follow

Online Dating Tips You Need To Follow

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So, you want to get back in the dating game? Online dating is the perfect way to do so! However, many people... Online Dating Tips You Need To Follow

So, you want to get back in the dating game? Online dating is the perfect way to do so! However, many people who are on online dating sites are not always who they appear to be. They could be using a younger image of themselves or lying about their interests to look more appealing. To avoid the liars along your online dating journey, make sure to follow these tips! 

Choose The Best Online Dating Method For You

With so many online dating methods to choose from, it can be overwhelming. First ask yourself, what do you want? It could be a serious relationship, dating, or hooking up. 

Here is the breakdown of the best sites based on what you want:

There are plenty of other online dating sites to choose from but ALWAYS do your research first!

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Be Yourself

If you really want to be in a steady relationship or date, don’t start by lying on your online dating profile! That’s not a good way to start off ANY relationship (cheesy, but true). Be honest on your profile by using a recent picture, mentioning your interests and hobbies, and clearly stating what you’re looking for. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not just to impress someone that’s WAY out of your league.

Avoid Those Who Aren’t Serious About Dating

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This guy’s clearly not serious about dating!


Most people who join online dating sites are serious about dating and being in a relationship. However, there are some who are not. There are signs before meeting someone in person that show someone is not serious about dating. A sure sign they are not serious is when you have been messaging them for a while and out of the blue, they suddenly stop. Clearly, they are no longer interested in dating you. If they also use the “out of town” line often when messaging you, that is a red flag that they are hooking up with someone else. Lastly, he/she is clearly avoiding setting up a first/next date to meet you. These are just some of the many signs that someone is not serious about online dating.

Don’t Be Picky

Don’t be picky about who you choose to message and go on a date with. The whole point of online dating is to start dating, not be picky until you find Mr. or Mrs. Right. Look into all of your matches and message them. If you want to be safe before meeting one another, you can always do a background check on him/her. You never know, you may find your match in someone you least expect!

Dating Warning Signs

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Is the person you’re dating always texting when they are with you?


If you find someone to date from your online site, make sure to watch out for the warning signs that they are no longer into you.

These signs include:

  • Avoiding setting up the next date
  • Uses the “I’m working late” or “I am too busy to meet” lines
  • Texting other people ALL of the time while with you

If you are really into someone, it’s necessary to make sure they are not showing any of these signs. There are people out there who consider using a cell phone monitoring software to keep an eye on their new beau in order to determine if the other person is really into them or is just wasting their time. It’s an interesting idea, but it’s not for everyone. The most important thing is that you trust each other, whatever way you choose to accomplish this.

Well, there you have it! The essential tips you need to follow for online dating! While online dating, make sure to double check that the person isn’t using a fake profile? Hopefully, you will find your happily ever after.

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