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TrackMyFone Review TrackMyFone Review

TrackMyFone Review

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THE GOOD / None to mention...Sorry, but it's not a good program.  THE BAD / The... TrackMyFone Review

THE GOOD / None to mention…Sorry, but it’s not a good program. 

THE BAD / The program seemed unfinished and very rough in spots. Not my favorite.

THE BOTTOM LINE / A new program that is unproven and in my opinion, needs to have the bugs ironed out.

Welcome to the most authentic product review platform on the web for all types of technology related products. Today we are going to discuss the pros and cons of TrackMyFone mobile phone tracking software from a user’s perspective. Over the last few months, I have used almost all popular spying programs with the intention to help you all make the right choice.

Readers that are well acquainted with different mobile spying applications would know that TrackMyFone is not one of the most well known or better programs in the market like Highster Mobile or Auto Forward. It does not serve all your mobile spying requirements such as tracking of text messages, call logs, phone location, emails, internet use, videos, images, music files, and much more. Additionally, it doesn’t do a very good job monitoring chat conversations using Google Talk, WhatsApp, iMessage, or Blackberry Messenger. TrackMyFone does not operate in stealth mode and as a result, the owner of the target phone will be able to detect its presence. This is why the program is not useful for remote monitoring.

I would not recommend TrackMyFone as an option for a common user. Being an experienced reviewer in this field, I know many prospective users of phone tracking programs that have limited technical knowledge and skill. Unfortunately, the creators of TrackMyFone have ignored this
important criterion while designing this product. As a result, this is not the best option for you unless you understand the technology thoroughly.

Another limitation of TrackMyFone is that it cannot block the target device’s access to a website or restrict it from downloading apps. The full version of the cheapest package from TrackMyFone costs around $200 with an additional monthly expense of $10. There are many top notch spyware available in the market for a much lower price range.

I will wind up by saying that TrackMyFone is not a good program, and not the best option for people with limited technical knowledge or a tight budget.


I just don’t like anything associated with monthly fees. I would rather buy it and know that I own it. Besides, their monthly fees were higher than most…

Overall Rating: 6.1

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