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mSpy Review: Should You Get mSpy In 2022? mSpy Review: Should You Get mSpy In 2022?

mSpy Review: Should You Get mSpy In 2022?

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mSpy is an app available for both Android and iPhone devices that allows users to track and monitor another person’s phone. The... mSpy Review: Should You Get mSpy In 2022?

mSpy is an app available for both Android and iPhone devices that allows users to track and monitor another person’s phone. The software comes with a variety of features including; GPS tracking, call logs, iMessage/text message monitoring, and more. That being said, there are many other spy apps that offer the same features as mSpy, if not more. And while the official mSpy website claims that their app is the “#1 choice for parental control”, most unbiased reviewers claim otherwise. 

According to the popular review site, mSpy has a total consumer rating of only 2.74 stars based on over 250 reviews. The most recent reviews have been even more scathing, as the site shows positive reviews for mSpy over the last 12 months are at a staggeringly low 33.7%. The majority of these negative reviews focus on the software not working properly and the overall lack of customer support. Several of the reviews mentioned that refunds for the software were nearly impossible to obtain. One customer even said they emailed the customer support team 50 times without ever getting a refund! isn’t even the only review site showing a majority of negative reviews for the software. also scores mSpy at a low 2.40 stars across 760 reviews, with many of the same issues being mentioned in the comments.

In addition to all the poor reviews and complaints, the mSpy software does not come cheap. Not only will it cost you $29.99 (or $69.99 if you choose the “Premium” option) to sign-up, you’ll also be continuously billed that same amount each month. This is an enormous price difference when compared to other cell phone spy apps on the market. For example; Auto Forward, another top-rated spy app, offers the same tracking features that mSpy does, but for a one-time payment of $29.99 ($69.99 for the “Pro” version). So you won’t have to pay a monthly fee if you want to continue monitoring a device. This is especially helpful for parents looking for a low cost, long-term parental control app to help them monitor their child’s phone use.

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How Does mSpy Retrieve Phone Data?

mSpy review

Like all cell phone spy apps, mSpy is a specialized software that when downloaded and installed on a target phone can extract and upload data to an online dashboard. Once the data has finished uploading, the user can remotely view all the information that was extracted using their own device. 

While you can certainly view the information without having the monitored device in your possession, you may need physical access to install the software. This will typically depend on the operating system of the target device (iOS vs. Android). Once installed, you’ll be able to view any activity that occurs on the device, including; incoming and outgoing call history, texts, internet searches, GPS location, and more. 


What Features Come With mSpy?

If you choose to purchase mSpy, you will be able to monitor a target phone in real-time using your online dashboard. All the extracted information from the device will be stored there, which you can access from any internet-connected device, including your own phone. 

Once the app has been installed onto the target device, you will be able to extract the following information:

    • iMessages – See all messages sent or received from a targeted iPhone or iPad.
    • SMS – See all text messages (including any deleted ones) sent or received from the phone.
    • GPS Location – Track the current location of the device on an interactive map.
    • Internet History – Monitor any websites the person has visited.
    • E-mail – View any emails sent to or from the monitored device.
    • Media – Extract any videos, photos, or voice recordings saved to the target device.
    • Online Messengers – See any messages sent or received via online messengers, such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, and more.


Is Using mSpy Legal?

Yes, using mSpy, or any cell phone spy app, is legal as long as you use it responsibly. In order to do so, the owner of the target device must provide their explicit consent to be monitored. So if you’re trying to spy on a spouse or monitor your employee’s devices, you’ll have to obtain their permission to do so. However, if you’re monitoring your child’s device and they are under the age of 18, you can legally track their phone without them knowing.


How Does mSpy Stack Up Against The Competition?

While mSpy does have the basic features one would expect from a cell phone monitoring app, it also comes with a hefty price tag when compared to the other leaders in the industry. On top of this, most paying customers have reviewed the software poorly, especially those who have made their purchase in the last 12 months. Because of this, we highly recommend that you check out some other options before making your purchase. A good place to start would be the popular and reliable Auto Forward app.

With the Auto Forward tracking software, you can easily monitor all of the activity that takes place on any phone or tablet. Here are some of the features you can expect to have by choosing one of the most trusted names in the industry:

    • SMS Text Messages – All text messages are retrieved from the target device even if they have been deleted!
    • GPS Location – Easily track the target phone on a Google Map in regular or periodic intervals.
    • Browser History – Get access to the device’s entire internet history on Chrome, Safari, and other browsers.
    • Multimedia Files – Easily extract all pictures, audio, and video files from the device, including files that have been deleted!
    • Email Recording – Get access to every incoming and outgoing email, including any attachments that were sent or received.
    • Messaging Apps – Track every text, photo, and video exchanged in popular messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Skype, and more!
    • Additional Features – Auto Forward comes with a variety of exclusive features, such as remote phone lock, remote picture taking, remote app uninstall, application blocking, keyword alerts, and more!

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