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Monitoring Software: The New Defense for Hidden Dangers Monitoring Software: The New Defense for Hidden Dangers

Monitoring Software: The New Defense for Hidden Dangers

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What exactly is a hidden danger? Well that depends on who you ask and where you live. For someone who is a new mommy... Monitoring Software: The New Defense for Hidden Dangers

What exactly is a hidden danger? Well that depends on who you ask and where you live. For someone who is a new mommy dealing with a toddler, a hidden danger could be chemicals under the sink or a swimming pool. But for the parents of a socially active teenager, a hidden danger could be something totally different.

You may think those hidden dangers are things you only see in movies or on the news. When those hidden dangers come knocking at your front door you may change your thoughts on the subject. Don’t wait for hidden dangers to hit too close to home, because by then it may be too late to act.

Let’s take a look at some hidden dangers facing parents of children or teens with cell phones or smart devices:

  1. Sexual predators or offenders
  2. Identity Theft
  3. Information theft
  4. Kidnapping
  5. Sex exploitation or sex trafficking
  6. Sexting
  7. Criminal activity
  8. Bullying
  9. Social media addiction or porn addiction
  10. Drop in grades or skipping school

You may ask yourself “how can those be hidden dangers when I am aware of them?” Parents often don’t know about the latest in app technology or what new clever feature has been designed for secrecy until it’s too late. Several apps can be hidden within the device making it hard to spot unless you’re the user. Also if content is not monitored, then it can be deleted and undetected.

What if your child doesn’t tell you they’re being bullied, pressured into taking drugs, skipping school or worse. What if your kid takes your credit card and purchases something from an unsecured website? Now your credit card is being used to purchase items halfway across the world because a hacker got your private info. What if someone is stalking your teenager, waiting for the right moment to harm them? What if your teenager’s inner circle is negatively influencing your child in manner that could potentially damage their future? What if your child is bullying someone else?

You need to familiarize yourself with all the people who have access to your child in person or in the virtual world. Nowadays it is a thin line between virtual reality and actual reality and in a split second the two worlds could collide.

With all these “what ifs” can you afford to look the other way? Can you honestly not act when there is an advance in technology that will help you protect your child or teenager from all these hidden dangers.

Familiarize yourself with best cellphone spy technology, otherwise known as monitoring software. Auto Forward Spy is the leader in this industry with advanced cellphone spy monitoring software available for quick purchase and download.

You can remotely monitored all incoming and outgoing activity on your child’s phone. You can track their location with spy on a cell phone in real time. You will be able to look at browser history, emails and all messaging. Any hidden apps will be revealed and preventative app blocking is possible. Don’t worry any deleted content will also be displayed.

You will be able to monitor your child even when you’re not right next to them. Give yourself the ability to keep your child safe even when you have longs days at the office, go out of town or when your child has afterschool activities. You will be able to confidently parent by ensuring their safety and finding teachable moments when you see something that is bothersome.

Don’t just let the negative influences of the world reap all the benefits of modern technology. Use those advancements to protect your home and your family’s future from hidden dangers.


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