Monitor Your Office Virtually With DDI Utilities

Monitor Your Office Virtually With DDI Utilities.jpgAside from protecting files of your office through the backup and recovery software, DDI Utilities can be useful to monitor all activities in a device such as computer, laptop, cell phone, and other devices. In a corporate world, most transactions are accomplished online and requires a lot of computer works done and stored in a computer device. It also uses other gadgets for work purposes.

Monitor Desktop Computers and Other Devices in the Office

Aside from computers used in the office, the company can provide its employees with laptops, tablets, and cell phones to be used in the office premises and for work related purposes. It is the company’s way of monitoring work activities inside the office specifically those works done in the devices provided. It is also a way to monitor work progress and productivity of the employees using those devices. All the works done in the computer can be viewed from a control panel. In times the company administration has received negative feedbacks on certain employees, the software is useful as spytext to monitor text exchanges of employees if something is being planned against the company. It can also check employees who cheat on their attendance’ logs. Employees who are becoming a problem to the company can destroy the organization’s advocacy, to prevent it before certain things happen, monitor your employees and your company as precautionary approach.

Monitor Cell Phones

The software has different uses and functions. The text spy can read text messages received and sent by the phone including those deleted text messages. It can also access the contacts and call histories to listen to real time conversations in case you suspect employees of bad working habits or negative work attitude. It views photos and videos stored in the device. And can monitor applications in the cell phone, like social media applications where their online activities and interactions can be monitored. It also tracks location of the device where it can monitor employees who are assigned in a fieldwork. The software is a help to the administration in measuring their employees’ attitude towards work.

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