How To Monitor Your Babysitter: Keep Your Child Safe

android spyA parent’s worst nightmare is having someone they don’t know look after their child. Even with online babysitter people search sites, it can be hard to find a trustworthy and reliable babysitter. Besides using a hidden camera, there are other monitoring methods such as an Android spy app. First, let’s look at some cautionary babysitting stories!   

Babysitter Cautionary News Stories

Here are two babysitter news stories that should worry every parent:

In Ohio, two people were charged with child endangerment while babysitting five children. Police found the children locked in the back of a U-haul suffering from the heat, lice, bed bugs, and fleas. The children were not seriously injured, but the youngest was brought to the hospital due to heat exhaustion. Read more about this horrific story here.

This past March, a young woman babysitting two young kids overdosed on heroin. An unidentified person notified the paramedics and Police of the situation. The kids were under the age of one and luckily were in their cribs at the time of the incident. This incident could have been worse especially with drugs involved. Click here to read more about this scary babysitting true story.

After reading these, you should realize that it’s important to be extra careful when hiring a babysitter. Prior to hiring a babysitter, conduct a background check on them to be on the safe side.  

How An Android Spy App Can Monitor Your Babysitter

android spy

Know everything your babysitter is up to!

A tool many parents are relying on to make sure their child is safe is an Android spy app. When it comes to your children, it’s okay to be extra cautious especially with news stories like the above. You want to make sure the babysitter is reliable, trustworthy, and qualified.

So, how can an Android spy app monitor your babysitter? Well, this app would be able to track a cell phone’s activities and data. This includes their texts, emails, photos, videos, call log, social media activity, and GPS location. The GPS locator is especially useful in making sure your babysitter is where they should be. 

However, I would advise getting the babysitter’s permission before installing this software. This is because, in most cases, you would need physical access to their phone or their Apple ID and password to install the software. To avoid this complication, you could provide them with a phone for babysitting purposes only.  

So, next time you look into and hire a babysitter, consider conducting a background check and using an Android spy app.

Interested in keeping your children safe? Read our recent blog: New Study Shows Social Media Could Cause Depression In Children.

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