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Mobistealth Review Mobistealth Review
Various interactions and transactions - business, social, and personal - are increasingly becoming more digital. You can conduct business transactions, connect with... Mobistealth Review

Various interactions and transactions – business, social, and personal – are increasingly becoming more digital. You can conduct business transactions, connect with anyone, and accomplish everyday tasks with your cell phone. While this is certainly convenient, it does come with risks to your security and safety.

Monitoring software and apps are the perfect tools in keeping track of phone and online activities, whether it is your own, your kids, or your employees. Mobistealth is one such app but whether it’s at par with the best monitoring apps in the industry is something you’ll find out in this Mobistealth review.


What Is The Mobistealth Spy App?

So, what is Mobistealth? Mobistealth is monitoring software enabling users to keep track of certain activities on a target device. It is a subscription-based app offering several payment plans and packages. Users may opt to pay monthly or get a yearly subscription depending on their needs. This means though that you have to pay to continue using the program after the covered subscription period. Plus, compared to other elite programs, Mobistealth is too expensive. In fact, most Mobistealth user reviews online claim that it’s not even worth the price.

Before purchasing or subscribing to cell phone monitoring software, it’s important to consider several factors like features, price, customer service, and compatibility. Mobistealth, a tracking software, can be utilized to monitor smartphones, tablets, and computers. It supports the following operating systems:

    • Android 
    • Windows
    • iOS
    • macOS 

Mobistealth is a good enough tool for monitoring kids or employee activities, but it’s certainly far from the best because of certain recurring unaddressed Mobistealth problems and system issues – from the Mobistealth installation process to utilization of Mobistealth security protocols. The app can extract essential data from the target device viewable on a simple web-based console or control panel. If you want to access more advanced features, Mobistealth is not the best app. 


What Can Be Tracked Through The Mobistealth App?

So, how does Mobistealth work? What does the app require to properly work? What information can it provide from the target device?

First off, you’ll need access to the target device. For Mobistealth’s version for Android phones, physical access is required. For the Mobistealth iPhone, you only need the Apple ID and password. To fully access all data, however, you may need to jailbreak or root the target device. Some users may balk at the idea of needing to physically access the device. The jailbreaking and rooting requirements on the other hand are definite deal-breakers. Plus, even if, per se, you manage to obtain physical access and/or root or jailbreak the target device, the Mobistealth client login page could, for some reason, also be quite a handful.

The Mobistealth cell phone spy software, once successfully installed, remotely extracts relevant data from the target device. The data will then be uploaded to your Mobistealth account. Then, simply log into your account to view the recorded data when convenient. Take note that an internet connection is needed to view the data. Also, the accessible data might be quite limited especially if you don’t opt to jailbreak or root the target device.

Mobistealth may provide access to the following (note that access would depend on the operating system of the target device as well as whether you root or jailbreak the target device):

    • SMS and Calls – View incoming and outgoing text messages for both iOS and Android devices. You can also keep track of all calls which will be automatically mapped with saved contacts. 
    • Location – Mobistealth’s location tracking feature records the target device’s location even if GPS is not activated. However, there were instances where the fed data isn’t accurate – like the details shown are a few kilometers away from the actual location.
    • Chats – Read chat messages from various messaging apps including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, Kik, Line, and Skype.
    • Keylogger Monitoring – Mobistealth also logs keystrokes. This feature is supported on Android devices, and Windows and Mac computers. This is not supported on iOS devices though.
    • Call and Surround Recording – Access the call logs made on target Android devices. Mobistealth can also record the target Android’s surroundings or environment. Note though, that typically call recording is considered illegal.
    • Gmail – Read incoming and outgoing emails on Android devices. Details include content, date and time stamps, and more.
    • Photos – See photos stored on Android devices. However, some Mobistealth reviews claim there are some inaccessible multimedia files such as corrupted videos and broken images.
    • Apps -The Mobistealth website claims it enables users to view installed apps on Android and iOS devices. Though technically yes, there are several delays and various inaccuracies.
    • Web Browsing History – Check the websites and pages visited online, and other web activities on the target device. 

Initially, Mobistealth did work fine. However, there were a lot of instances where monitoring reports took a while to load. Monitoring reports for some of the android devices we were monitoring even stopped altogether after some time. We did reach out to customer support but the answers they gave didn’t really address the problem.


How To Install Mobistealth

Mobistealth is set up by conducting the following steps. Note, however, that the Mobistealth installation process isn’t as straightforward as advertised.

  1. Create an account on to receive detailed installation instructions via email.
  2. Download Mobistealth by following the link in the email.
  3. Install the app on the target device.
  4. Go to your control panel by utilizing your Mobistealth login credentials.
  5. Start monitoring the target device.

Please note that if you will be monitoring iOS devices, you’d need the Apple ID and password of your target iOS device.


Mobistealth Compatibility

Mobistealth supports Android and IOS devices. It also works on Windows and Mac computers. While it also supports non-jailbroken iPhones, the data it will let you access is very limited.


How Much Does Mobistealth Cost?

One of the stronger points of Mobistealth is it has several payment plan options or packages for both Android and iOS devices. It is rather noticeable, however, that Mobishealth is more expensive than other monitoring apps. This detail also stands out considering the more limited features it offers than, say, Turbo Phone Monitoring App which offers more features for just a one-time payment of $69.99.

Here is the Mobistealth price guide.

Mobistealth for Android

Pro Plan:

    • $59.99 (1 month)
    • $79.99 (3 months)
    • $149.99 (12 months)

Pro-X Plan:

    • $69.99 (1 month)
    • $99.99 (3 months)
    • $179.99 (12 months)


Mobistealth for iPhone

Premium Plus:

    • $49.99 (3 months)


Mobistealth for Windows/Mac

Pro Plan:

    • $59.99 (3 months)
    • $79.99 (6 months)
    • $99.99 (12 months) 


Can Mobistealth Be Detected?

When it comes to monitoring, it’s essential to purchase a software or app that will go undetected. Mobistealth, like most of the software and apps of its kind, emphasizes its ability to extract data from the target device in stealth mode. So how exactly does Mobistealth guarantee this?

    • Mobistealth won’t be detected in iOS devices since nothing is installed on the target device in the first place.
    • Users may opt to hide the app icon during installation rendering it “invisible”(for other operating systems).


Customer Service

Mobistealth has a customer support page where answers to frequently asked questions can be viewed. You can also send them a message regarding your query or opt to contact them through their social media pages. While their customer support representatives are polite enough, there are instances where they don’t efficiently provide answers. 

In one case, they even seemed to evade saying the root of the problem. For example, we asked about why the app stopped sending or uploading monitoring reports in one of the Android devices we tested the app on. They did give several scenarios including a possible system update or anti-virus installation on the target device. When we said those were not the case, they pointed to internet connection stability, which is also not the case. The problem seemed to be on their end but wouldn’t want to admit it.


Final Thoughts

Mobistealth, like apps of its kind, has its strong and weak points. It does get the job done if you’re looking for basic monitoring. Here are its main strong points:

    • Offers Several Payment Plans
    • Offers 15-day Money Back Guarantee

Mobistealth’s disadvantages and weak points or aspects in need of improvement include:

    • Supports Limited Monitoring Features
    • Expensive Plans (in comparison with apps of its kind)
    • Requires Rooting and Jailbreaking to Access IMs
    • No Mobistealth Free Trial
    • Subpar customer support]. 

If you’re serious about getting the best phone monitoring app, then you’ve probably read through several Mobistealth reviews as well as those of other monitoring apps.  While the Mobistealth cell phone spy app does have its strengths, it’s not exactly the best one out there. Hence, if you haven’t already, you might also want to take a look at what other phone monitoring apps like Turbo have to offer. 

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