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53295-mobistealth-box53295-mobistealth-boxWelcome to the most authentic and reliable online review for MobiStealth cell phone spying program. As most of you already know, there is no shortage of spying applications that can track almost all activities of a target device. However, like every other product, all of them are not made the same way. Being a busy product reviewer, I have had the opportunity to use almost all popular programs. In this review, I will discuss the most important points about MobiStealth to provide you valuable inputs about this product.

At the very beginning, let me assure you all that MobiStealth is quite a useful product to find out what your kids are doing with their Smartphones. It provides all basic features including the tracking of text messages sent and received, calls made and received, emails, websites visited, physical location of the phone, etc. It is also a good  app for parental control as it can be used to block the websites that are being accessed  by the target phone. MobiStealth’s blocking feature offers 150 content categories including nudity, tobacco, alcohol, and many more.

In spite of these useful features, I would not categorize MobiStealth amongst the best in the market. While using this program, I discovered that this program is not at all easy to use for a person with limited knowledge about mobile phones and computer. The installation process for the software involves downloading it from the website and the process could have been much simpler. Honestly speaking, I have reviewed many similar products that are much easier to use.

MobiStealth also lacks in terms of certain privacy features that people look for. As an example, this program cannot lock or wipe the target phone from a remote location. Also, it is not possible to block calls and messages from a certain number while using MobiStealth.

To end this review, I would reiterate on the point that MobiStealth is a decent product. However, this  is not the best option unless you are a technologically updated person.

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