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MobileViewNow Review

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Rarely is it my misfortune to come across an app that falls short... MobileViewNow Review

Mobile View NowRarely is it my misfortune to come across an app that falls short in so many areas. MobileViewNow not only falls short from a technical standpoint, but from a standpoint of character as well.

Companies are run by people, therefore the products those companies produce can only be as good as the people who produce them.  Joseph and Edward Rifice, the owners of Mobile View Now, market an app that is equal in character to their own, which is to say, it has none.

After hearing about Mobile View Now, I decided to buy this app and give it a test drive. But first, I would like to preface this review with a bit of information about the owners of the company that market this app.

Through inside information I learned that Joseph and Edward Rifice, basically stole this app from a family member and decided to slap their own name on it and sell it as their own. The name of the app they stole is Highster Mobile, which is actually a very good application and one that I have tested and recommend. Highster Mobile has been on the market for more than 6 years and has helped tens of thousands of people monitor cell phones and mobile devices. You can read my review of Highster Mobile here.

Ethics and integrity play a large part in corporations and business. If these two guys would steal from their own family members can you imagine what it would be like to do business with them? Read on…

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Moving on to the app itself. Because the app was copied from another company it does have some fundamental value, however the part they stole is an outdated version and has little or no use for spying on a cell phone. After I installed the app it uploaded only a small portion of what was actually stored in the phone. It did not upload the complete list of text messages or call logs. And the GPS was inaccurate. This is not uncommon with cell phone apps as many of them promise everything but deliver next to nothing. Unfortunately this falls into the same category.

I looked around the User Panel just to see if it mimicked any other reputable programs on the market and sure enough, it did. While they changed a few bells and whistles here and there, like the colors and slight changes to the layout, the app is basically a copy of Highster Mobile. These two guys didn’t take much time, thought or effort to create something of value for their customers. Any reputable company, or person having integrity, knows that the mark of a good product is providing value to its customers. MobileViewNow does not.

After testing the app and experiencing my displeasure, naturally I contacted the company, or I should say, “I attempted to contact the company to request a refund”. I called the 800 number, which is published on the website, but got the peculiar message that said, “The MagicJack customer you are attempting to reach is unavailable”. Huh? That doesn’t sound like a very professional company to me. I then tried contacting the company via email, but as you might suspect, I received no reply to my numerous refund requests. After having been left no choice, I finally contacted my bank to dispute the charge, which is what you will more than likely have to do if you decide to buy MobileViewNow.

I don’t know about you, but this is not the type of company I would want to do business with and I certainly do not recommend doing business with them. They offer absolutely nothing of value. What’s worse is that they have no integrity or character.

So, if you want the “run around” and you want to lose your money and hear a telephone message say something about MagicJack, then go right ahead and buy this app. But, when you lose your money, don’t come crying to me.

I most certainly do not recommend this app.


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