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MobileViewNow Scam Alert! MobileViewNow Scam Alert!

MobileViewNow Scam Alert!

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It looks like we have another SCAM ALERT! Yes, unfortunately, sometimes companies just think they can get over on the average consumer. They take... MobileViewNow Scam Alert!

It looks like we have another SCAM ALERT! Yes, unfortunately, sometimes companies just think they can get over on the average consumer. They take advantage of your lack of knowledge of computers, cell phones and mobile applications and try to sell you something that is completely useless. Unfortunately, I’ve come across one of those companies and the product they produce is called mobileviewnow.

mobileviewnowMobile View Now is a cell phone monitoring application that is purportedly able to access information from a cell phone and display it on your online user control panel. This application supposedly operates in much the same way many other cell phone applications do, except this one does not work.

I had read a few reviews online from customers claiming to have had the same problems that I experienced. Customers have also complained about being unable to receive a refund and worse, being unable to reach the company at all. Rumors of a “MagicJack” recording when you call the company phone number have been circulating. But, before I pass judgment, I decided to contact them to see if this is all true.

When I called the 800 number they have on their website I too got the “MagicJack” recording which said, “The Magic Jack customer you are trying to reach is not in service”. I also tried emailing the company but did not receive any response. Unfortunately for me, and many others who have bought the program, we are stiffed out of our $65.99 unless we decide to go to our banks and file a dispute, which of course, I have done.

As for the program, I really don’t think there’s much use in mentioning the functionality and reliability because it has none. In addition I don’t understand why anybody would want to do business with a company that cannot be reached and does not respond. If a product is not made up to par, you should be able to, at least, get a refund. Companies make products all the time that don’t function as they should but the reputable ones give refunds. This one does not.

I think it goes without saying that I do not recommend this application and I certainly do not recommend doing business with this company. They seem to have jumped on the scene after “lifting” their program from a reputable company, but they have no idea what they’re doing in this industry and probably any other. Do yourself a favor and STAY AWAY!

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