Best Cell Phone Spy Apps
Made For Security: Using A Cell Phone Spy Cam Made For Security: Using A Cell Phone Spy Cam

In the recent past, when cell phones weren’t as “smart” as they are now, there weren’t any cell phone spy gadgets available for us ordinary folk. Back then, mobile phones then didn’t have the kind of camera optics and software that we see today. Even the less expensive ones have camera assemblies capable of being turned into a gadget for monitoring people, and are good at it too. All it takes now is a program that would convert that camera into something meant to observe and protect people that you care about 

What Are The Risks?

There are dangers to turning phones into monitoring gadgets, of course. If you forget to connect to a secure network, there is a big likelihood that someone could turn your device around and use it for their observation purposes, not yours. Before you do anything with your phone, make sure that the Wi-Fi network it’s connected to is secure and locked with a password that only authorized people can unlock.

Is it Possible To Connect The Monitoring Gadget Into A Computer?

Yes, it is certainly possible. Otherwise, you would not be using your phone camera to its fullest potential. There are ways to view the feed directly on the phone itself, but most of the time, you will want to use a computer.

There are many monitoring apps available on the web that are capable of turning a phone’s camera into a remotely controlled observation device. One of the best that can be found on the market is Highster Mobile. Using this, you can use the target’s camera to take a photo of the phone surroundings. It can be installed on a target phone and has a browser-based platform for you to track the target’s camera. For more top quality monitoring apps, you can find some here. These apps are supported both by Android and iOS mobile phones and are known to be very easy to use.

What Are The Things You Should Remember When Using Remotely Monitored Phone Cameras?

You should not forget that using monitoring apps to turn phone cameras into remotely accessed monitoring devices is illegal. It can only be used by a parent monitoring a child and an employer monitoring employees on company-owned devices, with permission.

Having said that, the next thing that you must do is to make sure that the app you are purchasing came from a reputable website. It’s easy to find a monitoring app on the internet, but it is not so easy to find a secure app. The ideal software should be one that has a secure login protocol, so nobody could steal your account. Also, it should be from a top developer, and come complete with after-sales service, free upgrades, and bug fixes. 

How Do I Use The App To Turn A Phone Camera Into A Monitoring Device?

You will need to use an app since there are no built-in programs for Android phones and iPhones that can do the trick. Aside from the aforementioned Highster Mobile, another app which is fast rising on the ranks is Auto Forward. Its features are quite similar to Highster, and they both can be downloaded and used. Let me list the steps in using Auto Forward since the download and installation process is very similar to the top monitoring apps available.

  1. Purchase the Auto Forward app here. The app only requires a one-time fee to access the licensed software, and the developers will provide free lifetime upgrades. This app is perfect for remotely controlling a phone’s camera.
  2. Install the software and don’t forget to follow all the instructions. The app may not perform as well as you hoped installed incorrectly.
  3. You can then start monitoring via the target phone’s camera by taking photos of its surroundings. Remember that you must use the features legally. 

Installing the app on a device running iOS is a bit more complicated. First off, you will have to log in to your account on the Wi-Fi enabled device. The account details will be provided by the company. After that, enter the Apple ID and password of the device you want to monitor. A service provided by the company will make a backup of the details of the target phone. Then, you can just log back into your account and view all the stored information in there.

Why Do You Need To Install A Monitoring App On A Phone Camera?

There are a variety of ways that you can monitor your child or employee’s phone camera, and you need a good reason for doing so. Like if you are worried that your teenage daughter might be in with some bad company, or to make sure your employee is where they should be. 

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