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Living in a Big City: How Cell Phone Monitoring Software Put My Mind At Ease Living in a Big City: How Cell Phone Monitoring Software Put My Mind At Ease
It’s no secret that living in a big city can be anxiety inducing. While living... Living in a Big City: How Cell Phone Monitoring Software Put My Mind At Ease

179672177It’s no secret that living in a big city can be anxiety inducing. While living in a big city has a lot of advantages, raising a family isn’t always easy especially when you have more than one kid and you’re a single father.


I have two kids. They’re good kids but even though my kids are pretty street smart, a father still worries and I always worry what could possibly happen whenever my kids leave the house. I want my kids to be able to ride the subway by themselves or walk home. But again, big city. I have to be careful about what my kids do.


So believe me, when I discovered the phone monitoring software was actually a thing, it was a revelation. Here’s how cell phone monitoring software is my ultimate life hack- it’s my way of keeping my kids safe without ever having to second guess what my kids are up to or following them.


Cell phone monitoring software is amazing and it’s really put my mind at ease. Here’s why and how.


City Living Is Easier


Like I said, I want my kids to be able to leave the house. They go to school, they have friends. Theyneed to have a social life but I also need to be able to make sure that no matter what they’re doing, they’re safe when they do it. That’s where cell phone monitoring software comes into play.


The spy on texts monitoring software lets me do a lot of things but one of my favorite features is the fact that I can check on my kids’ GPS location. I actually work from home as a graphic designer and being able to see if my kids were able to get on the subway alright or if they’re getting home safely is a huge boon. I can’t interrupt my work and chaperone them all the time. My eldest is thirteen, the youngest is eleven. While I don’t let them roam too far, they do need to learn how to navigate the city on their own.


Cell phone monitoring software lets me keep an eye on them while stepping out of their way and letting them develop that independence they need to thrive as they get older. My oldest has a little under the table job with a deli down the street. My youngest likes to hang out with her friends. While I try to be careful about what kids are getting into, cell phone monitoring software’s my quick and easy way of chaperoning without really chaperoning.


Now if I really had to, I can even check on my kids’ texts and social media messages when needed. I don’t tend to use this feature too often but in case I ever worry about what my kids are up to, it’s nice to have that option.


Before I downloaded a spy app iPhone monitoring software, letting my kids even walk a block down the street alone was panic inducing. But now that they have the software, I know that I have an easy way of keeping an eye on them. In case something happens (and god forbid it ever does), I can help police find them. And so I can get more out of the software, I always make my kids carry around emergency batteries to keep their phones charged throughout the day. And they’re good about keeping them charged, thankfully.


After all, in a city you can never be too careful. And I’m happy to say that life as a single father in a city is a lot easier since discovering the wonders of cell phone monitoring software.

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