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LINE Messenger Spy on Android: Best Apps To Track Chats and Calls LINE Messenger Spy on Android: Best Apps To Track Chats and Calls

LINE Messenger Spy on Android: Best Apps To Track Chats and Calls

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LINE is an instant messaging app for Android phones and other cell phones. Users can video and voice call others, and send... LINE Messenger Spy on Android: Best Apps To Track Chats and Calls

LINE is an instant messaging app for Android phones and other cell phones. Users can video and voice call others, and send texts, photos, videos, and audio messages. LINE features chat bulletin boards on which users can post, like, and comment. It also offers various themes and stickers that can be purchased and/or gifted to others.

A LINE Messenger spy tool, free or paid, is a great way to keep your loved ones monitored and safe while using messaging apps.


What Can You Find Out When Using Spy Apps To Track LINE Messenger?

There are many spy software programs designed to monitor messenger apps, like LINE, on Android devices. First of all, know what data you would like to access. It’s also important you know the operating system of your target device. The aforementioned factors will help you decide which spy app to select. 

A LINE spy app is a handy tool for monitoring someone’s activity on messaging applications and social media. Here’s some of the data you can access in real-time using a spy app for Android:

    • Chats, texts, and other conversations
    • Group chats
    • Voice and video call logs
    • Contacts lists
    • Other social networking activities


Reasons To Track LINE Data With Spy Apps On Android Devices

New messenger apps seem to be coming out every day now. However, with each new application, people with malicious intent also seem to emerge. The more convenient an app is, the easier it is for such people to attack users. Fortunately, there are tools for Android that could help track messenger apps like LINE. 

A LINE app spy software is an excellent tool for tracking LINE activities and is most useful to the following:

    • Parents

A LINE spy app is a great digital parenting partner. It helps keep kids safe from inappropriate people and conversations. It gives parents real-time monitoring access to who kids are chatting or video calling with. By doing so, parents can protect them from malicious content, cybercriminals, and other onLINE threats.

    • Employers

Business owners want to make sure their company devices are not used for personal purposes. No boss wants their employees to spend work hours on personal or non-work-related tasks. Through a spy app, ensure that all conversations are retained at a professional-level. 


Top Apps For Tracking LINE Messenger On An Android Phone

LINE is one of the most popular messaging apps. So, the digital specialists here at have looked for the most efficient Android tracking tools. They are all capable of spying on LINE messages.  

We’ve tried and tested several LINE spy apps on our personal devices to ensure the best ones are recommended. Select one from our list of apps below, and ensure your loved ones’ safe use of LINE Messenger.

Auto Forward

Auto Forward is one of the best spy apps we’ve encountered. It works well in stealth mode; it doesn’t interrupt other running apps. This Android spy app can monitor messaging platforms like LINE, enabling its users to see contacts, messages, call logs, and other files.

Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is one of the most reliable hidden spy apps. It can remotely access Android devices without being detected. One of this phone spy app’s premium features is its LINE tracking capacity. It enables users to view activities on the messaging app without having physical access to the target device.

DDI Utilities

DDI Utilities is one of the few monitoring apps that adopts computer utility technology. It’s designed to dig deep into the target phone to acquire data. The program also offers remote access to engagements within LINE such as chat conversations, call history, contact lists, and more.


PhoneSpector is spy software specifically designed for parents and employers. It’s compatible with all iOS and Android devices. It can access all activities within the target phone, including those engagements done within third-party messenger apps like LINE. PhoneSpector can even acquire deleted chats, call logs, and media.

Easy Spy

Easy Spy is one of the simplest Android monitoring apps we’ve come across. This application is easy to install, access, and navigate, hence the name. Though designed straightforwardly, this monitoring software is programmed to thoroughly track phone activities. You can view on the dashboard all acquired data, including multimedia files, call logs, and messages exchanged on LINE.

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