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The Legal Use of Cell Phone Monitoring Software The Legal Use of Cell Phone Monitoring Software
Most people mistake the use of iPhone spy software to be malicious. How to spy on iPhone text messages?A cell phone monitoring software... The Legal Use of Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Most people mistake the use of iPhone spy software to be malicious. How to spy on iPhone text messages?A cell phone monitoring software is different from a malicious one such as spyware which is used to get personal information. This is the same software that computer hackers will use to access confidential information, say of a company such as IT companies or Banks. However, this is not the case for the cell monitoring software. This requires legality issues as follows;

Distinct ownership

A clear identification of the owner of the devices should be displayed. Both the monitored and monitoring devices should have a clear identity and if possible should be written to be as proof in case any legal issue arouse. This in most case is required at a professional level. It is important in the sense that the employees will not be in a position to say their privacy life was invaded when the company phone is monitored. The employer should own the computers used to track and the phones to be tracked. At a point when an employee uses the phone to send confidential information about the company, the phone is already registered under the employer’s name so the employee will not defend themselves by claiming the phone tracked is theirs. If it were their personal phone, then it would be a different case in which the employee would defend themselves by saying their private life was tampered with.


Consent is permission given to allow spy on text messages Android. Again it is more applicable in the professional world but individuals who are marriage partners can use this too. However, at some age, children will demand that their parents give a consent form to be signed, or the child to actually write the consent letter. Otherwise, the child may one day wake up and say that they are aware of their privacy right and hence will need their rights protected. Basing on business, consent should be given to the employer by the employee as a show that they are under a law or policy. It does not allow them to use the company phone for their personal use. The consent should clearly indicate that the employee will use the phone for the required use so if a charge is filed against them that they misused the equipment, the consent will act as proof against him or her too. Consent is best done in written form but a backup should also be available just in case a malicious destruction of the hardcopy is performed. Back up should also be in various forms such as email drafts, as a file in the employer’s computer or even in any secondary storage device such as a Compact Disk. Remember you are to keep it professional all the way otherwise you will not have a fair judgment in case you had your company sued.

Parental stewardship

This is only done for a minor child. This is a child below eighteen years. The parent at this time is by all means right to conduct tracking sessions on the child. It should be a way to help the child but not to attack him or her if they appeared to be in the wrong. One of the roles of a parent is to bring up the child in a morally upright manner. This could be good enough a reason for them to track the child. It could check for their interactions to see if they are getting engaged in immoral activities such as drug taking. A parent who needs to track an over eighteen child should receive consent from them otherwise would be charges for breaking the Privacy Laws of the State.

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