Best Cell Phone Spy Apps
Learn How To Spy On A Cell Phone You Gave To Your Kid

Sometimes, it is important for parents and legal guardians of children to install cell phone spy apps, what with all of the dangers internet and all. Living in a world dominated by devices like phones, tablets, and laptops can be such a huge help and a huge pain as well. On one hand, people can connect with whoever they want, anytime, anywhere. With just one touch of a button (or a screen for that matter), people can send messages to anyone anywhere in the world, and they can respond within a few seconds.

The flip side is that anybody could also get in touch with us, our friends and our children. And contacting other people is much easier too, because of the technology that we now have available to us. Just like an anonymous letter that we receive from the postman, sometimes it is almost impossible to know who exactly is trying to contact parents and their kids on mobile devices. And this is when cell phone monitoring apps are most invaluable.

How Predators Get Close To Our Kids

Much like other people who would want to harm others, predators and pedophiles have different methods for speaking with and getting close to children. Sometimes these methods are obvious, but the way they do it makes it very difficult for parents to detect. However, knowing what these methods are can be a crucial and huge first step in getting rid of predators that are targeting our children. Here are some of the ways that deranged adults can do to befriend and target children.

1. They pretend to be children. Would a child want to talk to a person more than three times their age? Not likely. Kids can’t stand being around grownups for more than five minutes. So why would they chat with a person that is? Online predators definitely take this into account when they proceed with befriending kids. And unfortunately, there are many ways to trick kids into believing somebody is young like them. They may create a fake social media account, complete with the required young person photo. Or if they are targeting a pre-teen girl, they might produce a profile photo of a handsome young man slightly older than the girl. Then, they would add more photos of the same young man in their gallery. And to complete the persona, they also fill the account with fake details.

The thing is, this trick actually works. To give an example, there’s a man named Craig, a 55-year old former IT consultant, who calls himself Jared on Facebook. He says he is a 15-year old middle-schooler. When he tries to speak to a child, he will assume the personality of Jared. The photos that people see on his account are probably from another account or downloaded from another site. These interactions cannot be detected if parents don’t have monitoring apps like Highster Mobile or Auto Forward.

2. As stated above, teenage girls find slightly older males very appealing. She would much rather talk with the slightly older teen than a guy several times her age. And online predators know this as well as anybody, they understand the draw of the possibility of dating a hot young guy to increase a 14-year old girl’s “rep”. And when she sees that the guy, let’s name him Jeff, is interested as well, then she goes all aflutter, thinking she’s very special in the eyes of this young man. This part of the adolescent female’s psychology makes it very easy for pedophiles to lure children in and get their attention.

3. Most predators pretend that they live in a place near their target’s address. Probably not in the same specific town, but in a town that’s close enough that there is a big likelihood they may cross paths. There is a reason for this. If the person claims they are living close to where the child is living, then it is entirely possible that your child would have seen them at least one time. And if they haven’t, then they could become suspicious and immediately call them on their bluff. So, the safest method for the pervert is to say that they live somewhere not too far away but not too near that the target would have seen them.

Getting a reliable cell phone monitoring app and installing them on your kids’ phones is essential in keeping them away from the threat certain adults pose. You can track the incoming and outgoing text messages, observe their behavior while they are on social media, and take a look at who they are calling and who is calling them..

Highster Mobile and Auto Forward are two of the best monitoring apps on the market. They enable you to keep your kids away from perverts and pedophiles on the internet. Learn more about these and other top monitoring apps by visiting our site right now.