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Keeping Your Children Safe From Predators Keeping Your Children Safe From Predators

Keeping Your Children Safe From Predators

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Predators are everywhere. They may be teachers or coaches. They might be neighbors. You can’t always know if someone is safe for your child.... Keeping Your Children Safe From Predators

Predators are everywhere. They may be teachers or coaches. They might be neighbors. You can’t always know if someone is safe for your child. If your child is being abused by another adult, they might not often tell you what’s going on at first. If you have reason to suspect your child may be being hurt and abused by a predator, you’ll want to make sure you can identify the signs and know what to do.

Know the Signs

Understanding the signs when your child is being harassed by a predator is important. You need to be able to understand what to watch out for and what to do before your child is hurt.

Generally, be wary of strange adults contacting your child. If you notice that your child is receiving lots of calls and texts and you’re not sure who it’s from, stay on guard. Your child may also be staying late after sports team practices.

Common signs that your child has been abused include withdrawal from social situations, regressive behaviors (like wetting the bed, rocking, or so on), depression, anxiety, and so on. Many children and teenagers are coerced into hiding signs of their abuse because the adult abusing them has threatened them into silence. In many cases, a parent may not know what’s really going on for years.

Most abusers are adults that your child knows. They may be coaches or teachers, relatives, or even supposedly friendly neighbors. Your child should not be paranoid about adults in their community. Instead they need to understand how to come to you if they’re feeling uncomfortable about an adult or a situation. Don’t let them be scared into hiding things from you.

Taking Action

If your child won’t come forward and you’re sure that something’s going on, consider using a gps tracking service to keep an eye on where your child is going. You can view data about cellphone messages, calls, and social media accounts. If you suspect something’s wrong, this can be a good way to both help understand what’s really going on and ensure that you can locate your child. Your child may be talking to strangers on their cell phone at night when you are asleep. You can keep an eye on them with hidden wireless security cameras to ensure their safety and make sure they aren’t using their phone late at night.

If you realize that something’s going on, you need to understand how to confront your child. Do not blame your child for the abuse or shame them about what happened. If your child was touched by an adult or assaulted in any other way, you need to be sure that they feel safe and they can open up about what happened. Take them to the hospital if they were sexually abused so the police can open up a rape kit.

File charges on the perpetrator. Do not directly confront them. Get law enforcement involved and show all texts and calls sent to your child. Your child may have to testify but if you’re acting as an advocate for them, you can help cushion them from the trauma of having to prosecute their perpetrator. It can be especially difficult to prosecute a family member if they are the perpetrator but they hurt your child. Don’t let them get away with it.

Don’t let a perpetrator hurt your child. The sooner you act, the better off your child will be. Therapy is advised for children who have been sexually abused. You can also look into support groups. Some crisis centers offer support groups for the family members of sexual abuse survivors and it may be helpful to attend such a group so you can understand how to help your child. There may even be support groups for minors and it can be empowering for a child to realize that they’re not alone.

Your child’s safety is the most important thing. Don’t be afraid to take action.

Spy gear technology is a great way to keep your children safe. What if a potential abuser is in your home? If it’s a relative, there’s a distinct possibility of that happening. Hidden cameras, GPS trackers and audio surveillance technology is used more widely than you think.

It’s a parent’s duty to be the eyes, ears and constant guardians of their kids. If you’re a parent in today’s modern world, don’t turn away from technology – embrace it to keep your children safe.

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