Jailbreaking Your iPhone and Enjoy Many Different Tweaks and Features

jailbreaking your iphoneIt is very interesting indeed that despite the fact that iPhone is the most sophisticated smart phone today, many iPhone users still opt to jailbreak their devices. Apple has been relentless in offering the best apps and security features to all their users, but they are also very strict in terms of what apps, software and other programs can be installed on iOS devices. This has driven many iOS users to jailbreak their devices so that they can enjoy using other apps freely. If you haven’t considered doing this to your iPhone, you’ve got to know the benefits of jailbreaking my iPhone to be convinced.

Advantages of Jailbreak Your iPhone Apps Download

Improved Messaging

While Apple has continuously improved its Messages app to offer great new features, it still lacks what other tweaks, such as biteSMS, can do. Using biteSMS, you can enjoy certain features like the Quick Reply, Quick Compose, scheduled messages, delivery reports, and even signatures.

More Efficient

By jailbreaking your iPhone, you will be able to perform actions using simple and easy shortcuts from anywhere on your device. For instance, you may use a double tap on the status bar, triple tap on the Home button, and even double press on the sleep button.

Better Notification Center

When the iOS 5 introduced the Notification Center, so many custom widgets surfaced which were created for it. On a jailbroken iPhone, it is easier to clear all notifications and there is improved functionality on the Today tab. Plus, you can use specific gestures to turn notifications off.

Default Apps

As an iPhone user, you know that you don’t have the freedom to set your chosen third-party app as your default app. This is a tweak that many people love when they jailbreak their iPhones. For instance, you can use Google Maps as your default maps app and not the Apple Maps.

Choice of Ringtone

Once your iPhone has been jailbroken, you will be able to pick what ringtones and alerts you are going to use, which are not from iTunes. This will make it easier for you to choose a song to be used as your ringtone or alert as well.

Apps for Increased Security

While Apple has done its part in providing iOS users perhaps the best security features on their devices, there are still other apps out there that will get the job done just the same, or even better. They will be available to you only after you jailbreak your iPhone.

So the question in your mind right now must be ‘how do I jailbreak my iPhone 3gs?’ Well, this shouldn’t be a problem for you because there are a number of apps out there that will help you jailbreak your iPhone, and Jailbreak Unlock is one of them. All you need is to pay once, and Jailbreak Unlock will jailbreak as many iOS devices as you want.

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