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Is Windows 10 Spying On You? Is Windows 10 Spying On You?

Is Windows 10 Spying On You?

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Everyone who owns a computer or a smartphone (so that’s everybody) basically knows that regular updates to the app or to your PC laptop... Is Windows 10 Spying On You?

Everyone who owns a computer or a smartphone (so that’s everybody) basically knows that regular updates to the app or to your PC laptop is a grueling thing to endure. That little icon just keeps spinning as your screen flashes “Windows is installing update 3 of 178.” Painful. But did you ever think that with those updates come consequences, like Microsoft spying on you? Believe it or not, it’s happening.


According to an article on, Microsoft is seizing more of your personal data with its latest Windows 10 operating system:

“Why users would want their location tapped and their every keystroke logged by a corporation for their own benefit sounds quite fishy; it is only applicable for individual users. Microsoft continues to treat a corporation and an average consumer differently from each other. Windows 10 Pro and Windows Enterprise users will have the option to disable automatic updates and tick off all of the data the operating system wants to send back to the mother ship.

On the other hand, users on Windows 10 Home will be forced to download automatic updates. It doesn’t stop there either. The basic offering of Windows 10 also controls how much bandwidth a user consumes, display ads in the Start Menu, log every key press on the keyboard, download a user’s browser history, and much more. These are all described in the End User License Agreement (EULA) each user is required to agree to before making use of the operating system (if the user even bothers to thoroughly read through it).”

It’s scary to think that every site you visit is now tracked by a gigantic corporation like Microsoft. When a crime occurs, what’s the first thing that is seized? The criminal’s computer and cell phone. And why? Because our electronics say more about our personal lives than anything else. When you sign up for a cell phone plan, a new operating system on your PC, even a new social media site, you are willingly giving up your personal freedoms. Privacy goes out the door. Many people don’t realize this, and even if they do, they don’t care. Posting a Facebook status takes top priority. Getting those shoes at an online discounted rate is more important. We live in an electronic world.

The article goes on to say that although Windows 10 may be spying on cell phone, all is not lost. It’s the responsibility of the user to be aware of what privacies he or she is giving up:

“Fortunately, the worst of Microsoft’s spy software can be disabled. To do so, a user must edit their privacy settings from the Start Menu to Settings and finally to Privacy, and from there disable as much of it as possible. Unfortunately, not all tracking options can be turned off and Microsoft can’t do anything about it even if it wanted to.”

So remember, don’t want Microsoft or Apple or Facebook spying on you? Know your EULA. It’s your responsibility to know and adjust your settings, to know what you’re putting out there. And if you’re searching for a Verizon cell phone spy or how to spy on a cell phone without installing software, a product like Highster Mobile is a powerful cell phone spy app that can be the perfect product you need.


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