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Is My Phone Being Tracked? Is My Phone Being Tracked?
You may not realize it, but programs exist that allow a person to easily track another person’s phone. This software gives someone... Is My Phone Being Tracked?

You may not realize it, but programs exist that allow a person to easily track another person’s phone. This software gives someone else access to your text messages, calls, GPS location, and more. Tracking apps are designed to be stealthy and undetectable. So, the person being tracked may never realize that someone is spying on their smartphone. Most people wouldn’t be happy knowing that someone else was peeking in on their device. If you want to maintain your privacy, you need to know what to look out for. After reading, you should be able to answer, “Is my phone being tracked?”

Signs Your Phone Could Be Tracked

Tracking software, when installed on someone’s cell phone, will inevitably affect the phone’s functionality somehow. You should be able to tell if you’re keen enough. Here’s what to look out for:

  • Short battery life
  • Phone stays lit when locked
  • Slow run speed
  • Long shutdown time
  • Excess data charges
  • Text messages in code from unfamiliar numbers
  • Strange background noise when making a call

While none of these by themselves are a dead giveaway, they are an indicator that something else might be happening with your phone. The tracking program running silently in the background will eat up the phone’s battery life and alter the processing speed. Activity on the phone when it’s idle is another clue. Since spy programs tend to monitor location, your GPS will be a lot more active, causing a rise in data charges. Strange, seemingly nonsensical text messages with symbols and numbers could be instructions (computer code) meant for the tracking software that was intercepted by your inbox.


This means that the files on the phone are manipulated, allowing someone to access things and make changes that the designers didn’t account for. Jailbreaking allows the spy software access to normally secured parts of the phone’s operating system. It is the only way to delete permanent apps, like Safari, or Camera. Those should all be present unless the phone has been manipulated. Search your phone for a program called “Cydia”. It’s present on nearly all jailbroken iPhones. Restoring the phone will undo the jailbreaking.

How To Prevent Tracking

  • Keep track of your phone. Spy programs sometimes require that someone has physical access to your phone to download the software. Keep your phone on your person or in a safe place when you’re not using it.
  • Keep the operating software up-to-date.
  • Use anti-malware apps.
  • Delete suspicious files. Spy apps often aren’t subtle and the word “spy” or “tracking” may show up.

Tracking apps are out there and allow easy access to someone else’s device once downloaded. Next time you ask, “is my phone being tracked”, you’ll be able to do something about it. Protect yourself and your privacy. If you suspect that your phone has some kind of tracking software on it, restore the phone immediately. This will undo the jailbreak and get rid of the invasive program. Just make sure you backup your important files, like your photos, before restoring the phone to its original settings.

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Michael Rosman

Michael Rosman

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