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Is It Possible To Spy On A Cell Phone? Is It Possible To Spy On A Cell Phone?

Is It Possible To Spy On A Cell Phone?

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What if you woke up one day and decided you needed to spy on a cell phone? Is it possible? The answer is: yes,... Is It Possible To Spy On A Cell Phone?

What if you woke up one day and decided you needed to spy on a cell phone? Is it possible? The answer is: yes, and it’s more common than you think. Many people are curious about cell phone spy software, and I’m here to tell you that it’s very commonly used.

Did you know that modern technology is being used all over the world to spy on people? From government to law enforcement, stories are being reported all over the world that spying techniques might be used on every day citizens. And recently in Vancouver, the police department won’t confirm or deny the use of “Stingray” surveillance.  A recent article on reports:

“The Vancouver Police Department will not say whether it uses a controversial surveillance device popular in at least 22 American states that can monitor people’s cellphone conversations and text messages. The department’s refusal to acknowledge whether it has the device or considered using the technology has Pivot Legal Society wondering whether the VPD could secretly be using the electronic tool commonly referred to by its brand name, ‘StingRay.’

The device, which the American Civil Liberties Union says is used by law enforcement agencies in 22 states, can simulate a cellphone tower and trick a user’s phone to connect with the police device. It resembles an amplifier for a guitar and can fit in a suitcase.”

Law enforcement agencies are claiming that this type of monitoring is keeping citizens safe. But where do we draw the line between invasion of privacy and protection? It really boils down to authorization. But does law enforcement always have that authorization over John Q. Public? The hot debate rages on.

But let’s talk about YOU. If you are an authorized user of a cell phone, you have the right to use a cell phone spy. In other words, if you’re a Mom and you bought your teenage daughter a cell phone, you are an authorized user. If you are an employer and your worker uses a company-issued phone for business reasons, you have the right to track that employee.


Although surveillance tactics such as Stingray are not available to the ordinary citizen, cell phone monitoring software is absolutely available to the public, and it’s being used more often than

The first thing you might think about are “What happens? How does it work? What exactly can I see?” The reasons can range from a parent wanting to monitor a teen’s social media activity on a phone, to an employer needing to track a slacking employee, to an adult woman concerned about her husband’s location. All of these are common reasons to use a cell phone spying app such as Auto Forward. And if you’re looking for a free remote cell phone spy or how to spy on cell phone free, please note that most free apps don’t offer the same features or customer service as Auto Forward.

Here’s what happens:

  1. You purchase the Auto Forward monitoring app.
  2. You download the software on a target phone.
  3. Once installed, you can now monitor that phone on different devices (such as your own cell phone, a tablet, or a desktop computer.)
  4. You then have access to the phone’s photos, videos, social media activity, call logs, web browsing history, emails and more.

In today’s dangerous world, there is a definite need for surveillance. There are reasons that Stingray exists, and although Stingray is not available to the public, Auto Forward is and can be used for personal surveillance on someone’s phone.

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