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Is He Cheating On Me? Here’s How To Find Out! Is He Cheating On Me? Here’s How To Find Out!
Do you suspect something is going on with your husband or boyfriend?  Have there been shifts in his behavior and the way he is... Is He Cheating On Me? Here’s How To Find Out!

Do you suspect something is going on with your husband or boyfriend?  Have there been shifts in his behavior and the way he is acting towards you that just aren’t sitting right with you?  Have you asked yourself is he cheating on me? Then you need to read this article to find out the signs he is cheating, how to uncover if he is and why men cheat.

Signs He Is Cheating On You

While some men are exceptionally good liars and excellent at hiding their affairs, there are a few telltale signs he may be cheating on you.

He becomes obsessed with his appearance

All of the sudden he starts to work out and is spending a lot more time at the gym.  He cares about his clothes and has even gone shopping and upgraded his wardrobe.  He may have even introduced a new hairstyle to go with his new look.  It might be awesome that he has finally cleaned up and is looking good, but he ain’t looking good for you, honey.

Intimacy is fading

The sexual attraction is just not there anymore and your sex life is fading.  He even makes excuses for why he’s not in the mood. There can be many reasons this is happening, including depression, but if he is working out a ton and looking hella fine, but suddenly not in the mood, maybe it’s time to ask a few tough questions.

He guards his phone with his life

His phone is glued to him at all times and his passcode has changed.  When he gets a phone call he leaves the room and when he’s texting he shields the screen from you.   If he steps out of the car to pump gas, that phone goes with him.

He’s constantly liking the same person’s posts on social media

He’s getting a little too generous with the likes on Instagram of little Miss yoga poses and goes to the beach everyday. If you notice his attention has focused on one person in particular, there could be some serious shenanigans going on.

He insists you need to get away

He constantly is encouraging you to get away with your friends, your sister, or go on some trip to unwind and relax.  Suggesting you get out of town has become a regular occurrence and you’re spending more time apart with more miles apart.

Odd charges on the statements

You see expensive charges from restaurants or hotels on the credit card statements on nights he said he was working or out with the guys. Most dudes don’t take their guy friends to romantic restaurants and order lobster and champagne.

He has to work late often

His work hours have suddenly changed and he is constantly having to work late hours well into the evening. Despite all of this extra work he isn’t pulling in any extra money or not seeing any promotions.  When he gets home he immediately showers and goes to bed red flags should be flying everywhere.

You find condoms laying around

You use another form of birth control and you find condoms in his wallet or in his glove box. If they turn to dust when you open them, okay, they might just be really old, but if they don’t look like they’ve been sitting there since before you started dating you might have a cheater in your midst

Your gut is telling you he is

Remember you are very intuitive, if you have a gut feeling that something fishy is going on then you are probably right. Suspicion and distrust will eat you alive, you will know when it is time to get to the bottom of his strange behavior.

How to Find Out If He’s Cheating

Snoop On Him

Channel your best Veronica Mars and get down to the bottom of this mystery.  When he says he is working late, call or show up at the office to surprise him with dinner.  Look through his bedside table, glovebox, trash, trunk and find any incriminating evidence you can.  And if you have to, follow him to see where he is going during all those late night runs.

Spy On His Cell Phone

The best way to get the proof you need is to spy on his cell phone using a cell phone spy app.  PhoneSpector is Undetectable cell phone spy software that captures all incoming and outgoing texts. It has a GPS system accurate in tracking the device to within a few feet of its location. Captures Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat messages. Keylogger captures deleted content. Works on all Androids and iPhones. Super easy for the average person to download and install.

All the evidence you need will be uploaded directly to your PhoneSpector dashboard, so you’ll have the proof you need to confront him or you’ll be able to rest easy.

Look Up Unfamiliar Numbers

Once you’ve been tracking his cell phone with a spy app, you may notice unfamiliar numbers.  Run a Reverse Phone Lookup and find out the person behind the number, where they live and their age.  Is it Kevin from the office or is it Alisha from two towns over that he’s meeting for drinks at the hotel bar?

Confront Him

In as calm as a fashion as possible, confront him about his extracirruclar activities.  Ask him point blank if he is cheating on you?  If you’ve tracked his phone using a spy app, then you have the evidence and just need him to own up to it.  But if you’re hoping to get him to tell you the truth and admit to what he’s down without any leverage don’t go in hot.  Pay close attention to his body language and how he responds to see if he is acting guilty and ultimately trust your gut.

Why Men Cheat

We tend to think the only reason men cheat is because they are pigs and want sex, but it can be deeper than that for him.  But don’t get me wrong sometimes it can just be that black and white for a man.

He’s craving sex

Many men cheat simply because they are craving more sex.  Perhaps the physical intimacy has died down between you two and he is looking for a thrill and just to have his sexual needs met.

He wants multiple partners

He wanted a greater variety of sexual partners.  He wanted to add more spices to his rack.

He’s insecure and needs his ego stroked

It makes him feel more powerful and more attractive to have another woman pining after him.  He has low self esteem and the conquest of winning over another sexual partner boosts his ego.

He’s unfulfilled emotionally

He feels disconnected from you and that his emotional needs aren’t being met.  Not all affairs are physical, sometimes emotional affairs can be much harder to overcome.

He feels neglected

He feels unappreciated, rejected or hurt but doesn’t want to break up.  So he goes outside of the relationship to feel appreciated.

Stop asking yourself is he cheating on me and find out with PhoneSpector.  It will give you the peace of mind you need to know if your guy is cheating or if he is being faithful to you.  And just know if he is cheating, it is not your fault and that life together after infidelity is possible.  But we would certainly clap for you if you walked away from him.

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