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Internet Spying Software: What You Need To Know Internet Spying Software: What You Need To Know

Internet Spying Software: What You Need To Know

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People nowadays tend to spend more time browsing online on social networking sites and websites than going out and socially interacting with... Internet Spying Software: What You Need To Know

People nowadays tend to spend more time browsing online on social networking sites and websites than going out and socially interacting with other people. Most even prefer virtual communication over face-to-face conversations. Indeed, whether technology is a good thing or a bad thing greatly depends on the specific user.

While the internet has a long list of advantages, it has its fair share of disadvantages as well. With the so-called digital footprints, keeping personal information and internet browsing data private tends to be harder each day. It seems that there’s always a new case of a data breach or identity theft. With this, the concern of internet spying continues to grow. 


Internet Spying: The Ongoing Debate

There are several on-going debates between internet users about device spying. Some consider spying software as malicious software, while others consider it a useful tool. Some would do anything to remove spyware from their devices, while others are willing to pay to use one.

Whether internet spying is morally acceptable or not remains unclear. Even its legal ramifications seem to be murky. Though some states impose clearer rules that govern spyware usage, there are still several gray areas and loopholes. The common denominator, however, is that as long as the targeted person is aware of it, it’s morally and legally fine; it defeats the purpose of “spying” though. 

Moreover, it seems to boil down to the ultimate intentions and purposes of spying. For instance, parents monitoring their kids’ internet usage to protect them from inappropriate content. Or employers monitoring the internet browser history of company-owned devices to ensure employees are productive and staying on-task. 


Internet Spying: The Reasons

There are various types of spyware available to purchase because of the seemingly endless reasons users need to use it. Most companies release new versions regularly to cater to people’s needs and wants, as well as to catch up with any new technological advancements.

Most users of spying software programs are parents. Since more and more children of today’s generation are tech-savvy, there’s no denying that parents are concerned. After all, parents are well-aware that online there are many dangers from sexual predators to cyberbullying. They leverage such tools to protect them, limit screen time, govern device usage, and monitor online activities.

Employers are also a customer base of spyware programs. They utilize these tools to ensure that their employees are performing their tasks as expected. Also, they use these technologies to supervise productivity, track company properties, and to surveil internal processes. However, for these programs to be used legally, employers can only monitor company-owned devices and obtain the permission of their employees.

Other users could be individuals who wish to confirm their hunch about a cheating partner or even entrepreneurs who wish to check on potential business partners or institutions they’re about to invest in.


Internet Spying: The Software

Internet and device spyware are usually undetectable working discreetly in the background. While some programs still require access to the target device to be installed, there are now more advanced spy apps that could be installed and used remotely. Also, many of these offer lifetime ownership and a one-time payment with free upgrades included.

Though the features could vary depending on the package and product you purchase, here are what internet activities spy apps can monitor. 

Browsing History

Using reliable and trustworthy internet spying software would let you know which sites the phone owner is browsing and accessing. You would also know all searches conducted and browsing history on Chrome, Safari, and other popular browsers.

Chat and Email Messages

Monitoring software is most commonly to extract messages – from texts to chats to emails. Yes, such spying programs can also be used on any email provider, as well as third-party online-based messaging apps like Skype. Conversations, including archived and deleted ones, are extracted and relayed as-is, exactly how the messages appeared when sent or received. 


Keylogger is a very valuable feature when it comes to monitoring internet activity. It records all of the keystrokes pressed on the computer. This comes in handy when trying to view someone’s account login information.

Social Media Activities

Using this software, you can monitor someone’s social media. From their posts to the pages they follow to the groups they join – you could acquire all this information. You could gain access to all interactions and engagements made within their social accounts such as on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and the like.


Internet Spying: The Technicalities

How a user utilizes the features listed above varies on the user and reason for using the spying software. Regardless, there are technical aspects of internet spying software you should be aware of.


The best internet spy software tools are compatible with any operating systems and/or processors. These premium programs are quite pricey though. Generally, spyware is either compatible with either iOS or Android only, unless you get one specifically for monitoring internet computer activity. 


The easiest way to install this software is to manually install it on the target device or network. In most cases, the initial steps you need to take are disabling Package Verifier and enabling Unknown Sources. The proceeding steps should be smooth as there are usually on-screen instructions or provided in printed manuals. If you’re willing to spend a little more money, you could get one that offers remote installation. Meaning, there’s no need for you to have physical access to the target device to start spying; you’ll only need either their phone number or Apple ID, or you could send them a link in which the program automatically runs once clicked on.

Online User Account

The data extraction and data feeding are programmed to work simultaneously. Hence, you could expect to receive the information you need in real-time. The spy app provider will give you an online account which you could access from any device. This cloud database is where you can view the activities and details.


Personal computer or smartphone, Android or iOS, Chrome or Internet Explorer, social media app or web – whatever device or browser you use, you should exercise extreme caution and usage responsibility. After all, it’s up to us, the users, to determine whether the internet is something to fear or embrace.

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