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8 Insane Cheating Stories You Won’t Believe! 8 Insane Cheating Stories You Won’t Believe!

8 Insane Cheating Stories You Won’t Believe!

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It’s a tale as old as time. A person cheats on their partner, gets caught in the act, and they break up. However, every... 8 Insane Cheating Stories You Won’t Believe!

It’s a tale as old as time. A person cheats on their partner, gets caught in the act, and they break up. However, every story of when a person gets caught cheating is unique. They range from generic to absolutely insane. Below, are 8 cheating stories we found that you won’t believe!

1. Do You Want Pancakes?

Came home early from visiting a buddy so I could surprise my gf, I was the one that got the surprise. Found her and a dude asleep in my bed…calmly walked up to the side of the bed, gently woke her up and asked if she wanted pancakes. She must not have realized what was going on, said “Hey baby, sure”. I said “What about him? Does he like pancakes? “The look on her face was worth every second of the shit storm that kicked up after that. – MadMan04

2. They Did What On The Farm?!

My mom came home to our old farm property to find my ex step-dad porking his girlfriend in the front yard. On their 35th wedding anniversary. She called the cops and had them both removed. – takhesis

3. Nothing Like A Country Song

I’ll try to keep it short: They were sleeping as I got home in the morning after working all night. I grabbed a guitar, sat on the edge of the bed, and played a really bad country song that I made up on the spot. She was yelling at me. I’m just singing at the end of the bed really badly and loudly. He had the cover over his head probably wondering if I was going to hit him over the head with the guitar. – Anonymous

4. I Should Feel Sorry For Him?

He gave me all his passwords when we first moved in. I didn’t want them, but he insisted on it. And then he’d start asking me to answer some emails from time to time because it was stuff he didn’t want to deal with. So I guess I was like his secretary. Anyway once he was away on business, and I decided to check his email. Found all kinds of craigslist hookup replies. He was trying to hook up with someone while he was out of town.

I confronted him when he got home, and he had the nerve to say I should feel sorry for him, because it turned out none of them were real women (just webcam sites and stuff) so he didn’t get laid. He was jealous because if I posted on craigslist as a woman, I’d have my pick of guys. What a winner.  – OneRedSent

5. Winky Face Cheater

I came over to surprise her, I walked in on her naked taking selfies on her phone. She tried to play it off that it was me she was sending them to. Which I believed at the time. She put her phone on the nightstand, we started messing around. About an hour later she fell asleep and I picked up her iphone to go plug it into the charger.

When I plugged it in the display was a picture of another guy’s junk and it said “thanks for the pics, here’s one to return the favor.” This was followed by him sending several more dick pics in succession along with texts referencing “last weekend” and a fuckton of those stupid emojis and winky faces.


Anywho, so I did what any guy would rationally do. Sent the dick pics to my email, went on her computer which was in a separate room. Printed out like 25 copies of the first pic and proceeded to tape them up all over her room. I sent her a text saying “Bye”. Then blocked her number, grabbed all the hoodies I had let her borrow during our time together (guys, don’t sacrifice them when a relationship goes south), and left. I saw her a couple months later, she dropped out of school to be with this guy and then a year later she ended up having his kid.

The funniest part is that the guy’s wife wasn’t happy when he tried to convince her that he “adopted a new baby”. – Anonymous

6. The Lame Excuse

He told me they weren’t kissing, she was just “licking coke off his face” (as a non drug user this excuse was not any more reassuring). Also, this was on my birthday. They were definitely making out, by the way. – reddithatesmee

7. I’ll Tell Your Mother!

One of my co-workers ran into her then-boyfriend’s house to get her phone charger before work. She walked into his bedroom and found him in bed with another woman. She then took a picture of them in bed, and SENT IT TO HIS MOTHER. – chillhoneybunny28

8. Why Just The Blender?

Friend of mine got home from work early one day. He long suspected something was going on. When his wife wouldn’t let him in his own house he figured that was all the evidence he needed. He proceeded to kick down the front door, walked into the kitchen, picked up the blender and walked out without saying a word. – No-more_usernames


WOW! That’s the first reaction you should have after reading all of the cheating stories above. If you’ve been cheated on, hopefully you haven’t had experiences like these. To protect yourself from being cheated on again, you may want to look into text spy software.

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