Best Cell Phone Spy Apps
Improve Your Parenting By Learning How To Spy On A Cell Phone Remotely

A texting spy app, popularly known as the cell phone spy app, is the latest addition to the modern parent’s parenting toolkit. And yes, it is proving to be quite effective, making it one of the apps with the fastest growing number of users. 

While spy apps like Highster Mobile and Auto Forward are created with the primary purpose of providing safety and security to users and the people they “spy” on, they also provide a lot of other benefits. 

But can these monitoring software programs really do the job remotely? And does it work?

Cell Phone Spy Apps

Today’s digital world has pushed parents to make use of cell phone spy apps to protect their children from the many dangers that can be found on the internet. If parents do not keep track of kids’ activities on their cell phone, and allow the little ones to do as they please, they become exposed to evil people and harmful situations online. 

If you think that technology is only used for good, you are terribly mistaken. The internet has brought about many online dangers that put children at risk. If you are not familiar about these threats, here’s what you are missing out on:

  1. Sexual Predators – They can easily go after young children who they will befriend on social media or other platforms. They first will try to gain their trust. When they do, the abuse will start, and things can escalate quickly and become worse when the victim and the predator meet.
  2. Identity Thieves – These criminals can take confidential information from children’s social media pages and steal their identity for whatever purpose it will serve them. They can use children’s data to scam family members and other people, or they can sell the information to other entities.
  3. Child Traffickers – Worse than identity thieves, these people will work hard to lure children into meeting up or going out of their homes. And they use social media, gaming apps, dating websites, and other platforms that allow them to contact children for this purpose. Earning the children’s trust and befriending them is just a part of the plan. Then, they will work to kidnap these children and sell or ship them somewhere.
  4. Cyberbullies – These people, young or old, abound on different social media platforms. And they target emotionally vulnerable people, which are usually children. The harassment and derogatory comments or messages they send to innocent youngsters can affect them seriously, and result in anxiety, or worse, depression. 

And it is not just the bad people you need to be aware of. There are also negative consequences to using mobile devices, especially when used excessively. There are health concerns, psychological disorders, and emotional problems that can result from using cell phones and the like.

So, you see, there are a great number of serious dangers that children are subjected to when they start using smartphones and the internet. This is why monitoring their actions on these devices are crucial.

But how do these spy software work? And can they really monitor remotely?

Remote Spying on Mobile Apps

When a spy app promises remote monitoring, it may seem too good to be true. But software like Highster Mobile and Auto Forward do offer remote spying. And it works, from remote installation to actual monitoring.

Remote Installation

Remote installation doesn’t always require physical access to the device, but does in some cases. 

  1. Over-The-Air (OTA) Technology: This only requires the app’s license key and the target person’s phone number. When these are successfully entered on the target device, the software is downloaded and monitoring can begin.
  2. Email: Installation through email is another method that is done by sending an email to the target phone user. When they click on the link included in the email, the software will be downloaded onto the phone.
  3. Apple ID and Password: For Apple users, it is possible to get access to their device by getting a hold of their Apple ID and password. Enter their iCloud login information on the software’s website when prompted, and the app will be installed remotely.

With advancement in technology, the need to personally install a spy app on a target phone is eliminated. Impressive indeed, but also quite doable.

Now, when the app is in place, monitoring becomes easy as pie. You only need to go to your control panel and choose which actions or data you want to see from the target phone. You can access messages, social media, apps, websites visited, GPS location, and more.

And you can use all this information to improve your parenting in ways other methods cannot do. With cell phone spy apps, it becomes easy to identify the dangers that your children are engaging in. This makes finding solutions more effective and implementing them becomes swift. 

Plus, the things you discover about your child, such as their interests, will allow you to become the best parent that your child did not know they had. You can definitely level up your parenting with the help of cell phone monitoring software.

However, there is one thing you need to do before you start your monitoring strategy. Make sure you learn the responsible and safe use of these tools and never let yourself abuse its features. This is where spy apps cause problems between parents and children. And, unfortunately, relationships suffer because of it.

So, before you utilize spy apps, learn more about the software you will be using. 

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