Important Cell Phone Policies To Have In Your Workplace

cell phone spy softwareEvery business should have cell phone policies in place, especially if an employer is monitoring mobile devices. There are many valid reasons why an employer may need to install text spy apps on their employees’ company and personal phones. For one, data theft and selling business secrets are common in the workplace today. Also, the distraction of cell phone use in the office will likely decrease productivity. 

Even though cell phone monitoring is beneficial for employers, not all employees may agree to it. They may say that it’s a violation of their right to privacy. As a business owner, the professional way to address both the needs of your employees and business is by a having workplace cell phone policy. 


Create A Clear Cell Phone Workplace Policy

To ensure that the policies below will work to your advantage, they should be adapted to your specific work environment and company culture.

1. Personal phone calls should only be allowed during breaks or lunchtime. If your workers refuse to have cell phone spy software installed on their devices, they must adhere to this policy.

2. Lengthy and frequent phone calls are considered unacceptable and can affect workplace productivity.

3. When answering personal phone calls, employees should step outside or speak quietly so they don’t disturb other employees. Also, they should reserve intimate details for non-work periods.

4. All cell phone conversations must never include offensive, obscene, prejudicial, or discriminatory language. Employees should not make jokes and other inappropriate remarks about a person’s sex, ethnicity, race, color, religion, age, and disability.

5. Business-related calls should not be answered on employees’ personal phones. Likewise, company phones must not be used for personal calls and texts.

6. To protect the privacy of other employees, workers must be discouraged from using cell phone cameras.

7. On social media, employees should represent themselves in a manner that reflects well on the business. They should never post inappropriate content about anyone including coworkers and the business.


A different set of policies should be created and applied to employees working in the field. As a business owner, you’re aware of the possible misuse and abuse of cell phones of field employees. Since these workers are not being monitored, they are more likely to waste time. In this case, using phone software to monitor their location and activities is reasonable.

Cell phone spy software makes it easier for you to monitor your workers and keep company resources safe and secure. You’re able to check what information is downloaded and shared by them. By having a cell phone policy in place and using spy software, you’ll have better control over your business.

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