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How To View Someone’s Online Mobile Search History How To View Someone’s Online Mobile Search History

How To View Someone’s Online Mobile Search History

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The internet has enabled us to access a world full of information and ways to connect with others. In many ways, it... How To View Someone’s Online Mobile Search History

The internet has enabled us to access a world full of information and ways to connect with others. In many ways, it has improved our jobs and way of life. But even though the internet is a great tool used today, there are many dangers associated with it. If you’re worried about your loved one being exposed to these threats, your best option is to view what they search and browse for online. Below, we’ll further discuss some of these dangers and how to view someone’s online mobile search history.

Dangers Are Lurking Online

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, or another web browser, you can be exposed to these online dangers.

– Hackers

If you visit fake websites with malware or download fake apps, hackers could gain access to your phone. Once they have complete control over it, they can obtain all of your phone data from banking information, to account login information. This could result in your finances being drained, your identity being stolen, and/or having to reset your cell phone. To see how they could do this, click here.

– Online Predators & Sex Offenders

When chatting with people online on social media and forums, they may seem innocent. However, a lot of the time, these people aren’t who they say and are actually sex offenders! In general when talking with strangers online, avoid disclosing personal information or sharing photos of yourself. If you have the person’s real name, you could do a sex offender search to be safe.

– Catfishers

A catfish is someone who pretends to be another person in order to lure people into a scam. These fraudsters are most commonly found on online dating sites, but can be on product selling sites as well. Just like when chatting with strangers online, avoid disclosing any detailed information about yourself that could put you at risk.


How To View Search History

To see someone’s browsing history and view Google search history, you must first know how to do so. We highly recommend using a web browsing history tracker app like PhoneSpector.

Step 1 – Get A Browsing Data History Tracker App

Even though we highly recommend PhoneSpector, there are many other apps you can choose from. Do some research, and find the app that has the features you want and meets your budget. Also, make sure the app is compatible with the target phone as well.

Step 2 – Install The App

Once you’ve chosen your app, install it on the device that you want to monitor. The installation instructions will obviously depend on the product you choose and the type of phone you’re targeting. Usually when targeting an iPhone, you don’t need physical access to it. For an Android device, you’ll likely only need it in-hand for less than a minute for installation.

Step 3 – View The Browsing Data and Search Activity

From your app account, you’ll be able to view all the mobile browser web activities including the sites visited and search queries. Most online tracking apps are designed to be really easy to use so you can find the information you’re looking for.


So, you can rely on a browsing tracker app to help you view search history on iPhone and Android devices. Using one is just another precaution to protect you and your loved ones from all the dangers lurking on the web.

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