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How To Use Cell Phone Monitoring Software On Your Teenagers Mobile Device How To Use Cell Phone Monitoring Software On Your Teenagers Mobile Device

How To Use Cell Phone Monitoring Software On Your Teenagers Mobile Device

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Do you know who your teenager is communicating with? Cell phone tracking software programs like Highster Mobile and Auto Forward Spy let you see exactly... How To Use Cell Phone Monitoring Software On Your Teenagers Mobile Device

Do you know who your teenager is communicating with? Cell phone tracking software programs like Highster Mobile and Auto Forward Spy let you see exactly who your child is texting, calling or receiving calls from.  Teenagers are known to do some sneaky things while others may come across content that can steal personal information.  There are various options that provide additional security and protection for mobile devices.  Each option varies depending on features but the process in monitoring a device is similar.  Here are a few points to help you understand how you can use cell phone monitoring software on your teen’s device.

    • Get updates on cell phone activity through detailed reports and alerts. When you download the software and connect it to their device you can sign up for progress reports or alerts that tell you when activity occurs.  These reports and alerts will be based on controls and details you set up for the monitoring.  You will access all details about the cellphone through your remote web portal.  This portal can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection once the device is connected.
    • Create filters for websites and social networking sites. If your teenager likes to surf the web you can choose sites they are not allowed to visit by placing filters.  When they try to visit the site they get a blocked message. You can also limit their ability to search for content on the internet.  Mobile spy software makes it easy for you to place filters for social networking sites.  You can list web addresses they are permitted to use based on content.
    • Block communications from certain contacts. Does your teen contact people you feel is a bad influence on them? Maybe your teen was forbidden to talk or text someone.  Now you can block information they send and receive.  You can review text messages they create and receive from others.  You can block contacts from sending content such as photos, video and other content you don’t want your child engaging in.
    • Access pictures and video to review even after it gets deleted. Teens think other people will not know about inappropriate content that showed up on their cellphone because they deleted it.  Parents can use their monitoring software to retrieve and review this information with ease.  You can review this information and choose to save a copy for future reference.  Depending on the software you may be able to retrieve content such as pictures, email, text messages, chat conversations and more.
    • Review all forms of communication including text messages, chats, email messages, app downloads, etc. You can review all forms of communication or focus on just a few features your mobile spy option provides. You can prohibit downloading of certain applications and have a clear idea of what your teen is doing with their device.  You have a record of questionable content you can ask them about.  You can also track their location if your software option includes GPS tracking.


  • Social Media Society

    Best Cell Phone Spy AppsOne of the most sought after features of Auto Forward cell is the ability to monitor social media. With social media taking the world by storm it can be a distraction atwork/school and a dangerous playground for internet predators to lurk. Here how you can use cell phone monitoring software to track social media activity:

    Are you concerned someone you know is spending too much time on social media through their cellphone? You can learn what someone is doing when accessing social media with their mobile device thorough trusted mobile spy monitoring.  There are options to help you track various types of activity on popular social media sites.  You will be able to view activity as it occurs and even block or filter sites to minimize or put a stop to accessing content.  Here are basic steps to help you get started monitoring social media activity on a target cellphone of interest.

    • Keep an eye on conversations engaged using target device.  After choosing your mobile spyware of choice and getting the remote web portal downloaded you can start tracking activity.  You can do this a number of ways including getting notifications or review report data the software provides.  The details collected will provide all sorts of information as it occurs. Meaning, you can review conversations that took place, downloads or shares that occurred, and more. The mobile spy option you select will provide this information accordingly.  You then will have options to consider regarding content you have observed.
    • Review people on friend and contact list.  When you review activity on social media with a cell phone tracker, you can review people on the contact list related to the target phone. This means you will learn about people being connected to the phone of interest. Software programs that allow you to gain access to social media content in question will make it easy to obtain login details and you can choose to remove a person from their contact list.  You can also choose to remove the app altogether if activity is related to a social media app if you have remote uninstall as a software feature.
    • Consider blocking or filtering content shared.   Your web portal or control panel will have options regarding social media activity. While this will vary from one mobile spy monitoring service to another, you should have an idea at this point want you want to do.  After reviewing activity you can choose to do nothing if things seem normal or what you would expect regarding their activity.  If you want to block or filter content you can follow the commands given by your software.  This may include limiting searches conducted on the site and changing privacy settings for additional security.  These things can be done without the target phone owner knowing.
    • Back up data of interactions you find questionable. When you begin assessing content and you come across something that stands out as strange or questionable, you can create a file and keep the record. Your software service will allow you to do this directly in your web portal.  Keep in mind that when tracking a cell phone with spy software subscription services may have different options on how much space you can use with the software itself.  You can choose to export reported information from the software onto another form of storage.

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