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How To Stop Your Smart Devices From Listening To You How To Stop Your Smart Devices From Listening To You

How To Stop Your Smart Devices From Listening To You

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New smart technology is being introduced into people’s homes, with many new items hitting the marketing. It all began with devices like... How To Stop Your Smart Devices From Listening To You

New smart technology is being introduced into people’s homes, with many new items hitting the marketing. It all began with devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home. Now, tech companies have smart devices being used in all different types of ways we could not even imagine. We have seen products like smart homes, doorbells, televisions, lights, cameras, and many other useful gadgets. 

However, these smart devices can be spying on you leaving you vulnerable to potential threats like scammers or hackers. These hackers can access sensitive information built into these devices. They may be looking to access your bank or account information, and can even listen in on your conversations through your devices. Since the emergence of this eavesdropping issue, many companies have provided settings, tools, and tips to help resolve the problem. 

Amazon Devices:

The Amazon smart devices, like the Echo, are only supposed to be listening when activated with an Alexa wake word. Alexa is the virtual assistant used on Echo devices. We have come to learn that sometimes, these devices are recording our conversations when we are not telling them to do so. You can access the privacy settings of your Echo within the device to help prevent unwanted recordings. It is essential to be aware of how to access and use these privacy features to keep your home and your information protected. 

iPhone and Android Smartphones:

We all have that one friend who is convinced their phone is listening or spying on them. Smartphones are on us at almost all the time now and have many new useful features. They are no longer just used to make phone calls and send text messages. These mobile devices save all of our information on them like contacts, account information, photos, passwords, and other sensitive information.

With new features like Siri and Google Assistant, we are permitting these devices to use our microphone. By allowing these devices to use our microphone, we are allowing these devices to take audio recordings without us even knowing.

Google Devices:

Google Home is another useful device similar to Amazon’s Echo. Words like “Hey Google” activate these voice-activated devices. When said, the device will begin to record what you are saying to perform a specific task. This is effective when the wake words are used accordingly, but sometimes these devices are listening when not told to. Smart speakers will tend to do this to help them improve voice commands and device settings. 

Smart TVs:

Smart televisions have recently been released into the market, and many families are using these new devices in their homes. Now, users can simply just say what they want to watch on TV, and the Smart TV. These televisions enable you to connect to the internet and use a variety of applications. 

You can simply use voice commands to do just about anything such as change the channel, raise the volume, switch input, open apps, and many other useful features. Some devices are so smart they will only listen to the voice that they recognize. Even though this is helpful, it could leave your home exposed to more opportunities for scammers to access our information. 

Cell Phone Apps:

Often, people give apps permission to access our microphone to use the features. By allowing this, the apps may be able to listen to users’ conversations without them knowing. Phone users need to be aware of what apps are using their microphone settings.

Hidden Microphone Items:

Sometimes, it may not even be something we put in our homes that could be listening to us. People can disguise hidden microphones as anything now. We have seen it common amongst pens, flash drives, clocks, and glasses, which all could have a microphone installed on it. All it takes is someone to leave one of these devices in your home.. 

Protection From Your Smart Doorbell

These devices are useful to help keep our homes safe from potential threats like robbers or unwanted visitors. But do they really keep us safe? This product is excellent for what it is made to do. They do however, leave your home at risk to threats like hackers who can access your devices and even view the camera. 

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