Best Cell Phone Spy Apps
How To Spy On Someone’s Text Messages Without Their Phone For Free

Okay, if you would like to know how to spy on a cell phone, the first thing we need to make perfectly clear is that the technology that will let people spy on someone else’s text messages without touching their phone first doesn’t exist. Despite the numerous advertisements you might have seen online or anywhere else, it just cannot be done. Yes, you can use spy apps, of course, but you’d have to physically get access to their phone first.

Now, if you can get access to someone else’s phone for at least a minute, then you can install a spy app that will let you read the phone owner’s text messages without ever touching his or her phone again. So, how do you do it?

The straightforward answer is to install a premium cell phone monitoring app like Auto Forward or Highster Mobile. Both of these apps represent the best in the market today, and both have several features that let you read the text messages on another person’s cell phone without having the phone in your hands, plus more.

The Auto Forward mobile app, for example, has several other features that will let you know where the target phone’s location is (via GPS and Google Maps), what the phone owner is doing on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., and let you view the photos and videos on the target phone. Both Auto Forward and Highster Mobile have these features and more that will allow complete monitoring of the target phone, whether it’s an Android or iPhone model.

Why Would You Need To Read Somebody Else’s Text Messages?

There are plenty of reasons why a person would want or need to read someone else’s text messages. The two most common reasons would be if you’re an employer that needs to monitor the company-owned cell phone activities of your employees, or if you’re a parent who needs to check up on what your kids are doing on their cell phones to make sure they are safe.

1. Monitoring employees’ text messages – As an employer, there might be times when you provide phones to your employees. Since those phones are company property, you have a reason to check up on what kind of messages your employees are sending or receiving on those phones. There are government regulations regarding the interception of digital and electronic communications, but employers are allowed to do so when it comes to company-owned systems or devices.

Corporate sabotage is more common than you think, and the leakage or theft of confidential data can cause significant problems later on. For example, an employee intent on committing data theft could easily use text messages to send usernames and passwords that will let anyone log into company database systems.

2. Monitoring your children’s phone messages – This one is a common problem for parents. How many times have you been suspicious of the text messages that your child has been receiving from a stranger? Predators exist in many forms and use a variety of tools to reach out and get in touch with a potential victim. Those secret text messages could be the start of a furtive liaison that could lead to a more dangerous situation down the road.

Additional Functionality

It was mentioned above that premium cell phone monitoring apps like Auto Forward or Highster Mobile offer a lot of additional features aside from reading text messages on someone else’s phone. These mobile monitoring software programs or “spy apps” have extra functionality that can be extremely helpful to parents or employers. Such features include:

    • Keeping track of social media activities on popular sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.
    • Providing access to photos and videos that have been received and/or taken on the phone.
    • Keeping track of every phone call that was either received or done with the target phone. Details include the call duration, phone numbers, and the time and date of the phone calls.
    • Keep a detailed browsing history of the websites that were visited using the target phone (including URLs, frequency of visits, and snapshots of the websites).
    • The ability to remotely use the phone’s camera to capture images of the surrounding area.
    • Real-time GPS tracking of the location which is viewable via Google Maps.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility, Right?

Powerful monitoring software like these should never be used to invade the privacy of others. The disclaimer on Highster Mobile’s homepage states that the software “will allow you to monitor mobile phones as a tool, NOT for illegal purposes”. Auto Forward basically says the same thing on their own homepage, saying that the app “may only be used for legitimate and lawful purposes by authorized users.”

Monitoring apps that allow you to secretly read text messages on another person’s phone are designed to be used for legitimate purposes only. With the powerful features that they offer, these mobile monitoring apps can easily be used for illegal purposes. The makers of these apps intend their software to be used only for the legal monitoring of children by parents or employees in a workplace setting.

It is not a crime to keep your kids safe from potential harm. An employer that wants to ensure that the company’s resources are being put to good use and any confidential data is not being leaked to unauthorized users is just acting in his company’s best interests. Other people might want to use software like these to secretly monitor the phone activities of family members, friends, etc. but we strongly recommend using this software responsibly and within the limits of the law.

When you’re in need of a premium mobile app that can help you read text messages on someone else’s phone plus offer several other valuable features, you need to know which one to buy. Read about the features, the installation process, and the detailed reviews on the best cell phone spy apps available in the market today. Which one is the best? Which one fits your needs as a parent or employer? Visit to get the answers.