How To Spy On Someone’s Facebook Messages

spy on iphone and android facebook messages 

Facebook users are worried about the security of their data and information after the Cambridge Analytica Scandal. That includes users’ messages on the Facebook Messenger app. Is it possible for someone to spy on iPhone, or Android Facebook messages? Scarily enough it is! Below we’ll discuss how it can be done and the reasons why someone would spy on messages.


Reasons For Spying On Facebook Messages

spy on iphone and android facebook messages

Why would you spy on someone’s Facebook messages?


To Monitor Who Your Child Is Talking With

Parents are often concerned who their child is messaging with, especially on Facebook. With catfishers and sexual predators online, parents want to make sure their child isn’t being targeted. Also, they sometimes want to get insight into their child’s life and make sure they aren’t drinking or doing drugs.


To Make Sure Your Partner Isn’t Cheating On You

Those who are married or in relationships may want to check Facebook messages to see if their partner, husband, or wife is cheating on them. Since Messenger is a private app, cheaters are likely to send secret communications through it.


To Steal Personal Information

It’s common for online criminals to spy on a cell phone in order to gain access to someone’s Messenger account and steal their personal information. The information they look for includes name, address, phone number, social security number, and bank account details. Also, it makes it easier for these criminals to get your information if you have Messenger connected to your regular phone text messages.  


How To Spy On iPhone And Android Facebook Messages

spy on iphone and android Facebook messages

Do you have access to the person’s phone?


Get The Physical Cell Phone

If you have access to the physical phone and know the passcode (if you need one), you can just browse the Messenger app. Click on the Messenger icon and see which Facebook friends someone’s chatting with.


Access Facebook Through Their Computer

Often, computer web browsers remember site passwords including the one for Facebook. This method is easier than getting a person’s cell phone. All you have to do is open their computer browser, go to Facebook’s website, and click on the Messenger icon on the top right. However, be prepared that the person may not be automatically logged into Facebook on their browser.


Utilize A Cell Phone Spy App

If you can’t get physical access to a person’s cell phone or computer, you can use a no-jailbreak cell phone spy app. With it, you can access the target phone without physically needing it! Not only would you be able to see their Facebook messages, but also their photos, videos, texts, and more! Interested in getting a spy app? Read all about the best cell phone spy apps on the market.


Now you’ve learned how to spy on iPhone or Android Facebook messages. What’s your reason for wanting to look at someone’s Messenger app? If you do spy on someone’s messages, make sure you don’t get caught!


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