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How To Retrieve Deleted Texts On Samsung Smartphones How To Retrieve Deleted Texts On Samsung Smartphones

How To Retrieve Deleted Texts On Samsung Smartphones

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You’ve deleted a conversation on your Samsung device. That’s a good idea if you want to maximize space for pictures and music.... How To Retrieve Deleted Texts On Samsung Smartphones

You’ve deleted a conversation on your Samsung device. That’s a good idea if you want to maximize space for pictures and music. However, it’s a Bad idea when you realize you just deleted some important information. It could be the address to your niece’s dance recital or the obnoxiously long wifi password. The point is, you need it back. Don’t worry, there are options if you take action soon enough. Today, we’ll discuss how to retrieve deleted texts on Samsung smartphones.

What To Do First

If you delete a text on your Samsung that you wish to recover, the first thing you need to do is STOP using your smartphone. A text doesn’t disappear entirely the second you delete it. However, the device considers the deleted file free space and will overwrite it with new data. Using your phone more increases the chances that you’ll overwrite the deleted file. Limit the amount of new data that gets stored by keeping the phone inactive as much as possible.

Data Recovery Software

Anyone facing this problem will find the internet full of downloadable programs for data recovery. Most are free and easy to use. Once you download a program, you’ll connect your Samsung device to your computer. Then, just open the program. From there, you should be able to recover the deleted files back to your device (so long as they haven’t been written over, that is). The particulars will vary as each program is different. Most have instructions online and should be easy to navigate. There’s always a security risk in downloading programs from the web. Do your research and make sure your computer has security measures in place.

Call Your Service Provider

I bet you didn’t know that your service provider saves your data. This is largely due to the amount of data law enforcement and insurance companies collect for investigations and statistics. If you hit a car on July 10th at 4pm, the owner’s insurance company will want to know if you were using your phone at the time. So will the judge. There are only five cellular companies operating in the United States. They are:

  • AT&T
  • Sprint
  • Verizon Wireless
  • T-Mobile
  • U.S. Cellular

Smaller cell phone companies, like Tracfone and Jitterbug, lease their service through one of the five major providers. Each company stores sms data for different lengths of time. Click Here to learn more about how long each provider stores your data. According to statistics, it’s around four days, which is not a tremendous amount of time. All the more reason to take action as soon as you know something’s been deleted. Call your provider while you know they still have your information stored.

Backup Your Phone

This option might be too late if the text is already deleted. However, nothing beats taking preventative measures beforehand. Samsung and Android do not have a default backup setting. However, there are plenty of apps that programmers have developed to do so. Do your research, pick one out., and sync your text messages once the app is downloaded. If you lose something important, you can easily restore it by accessing the app. Knowing they’re backed up ahead of time will save you a lot of stress. Click here to learn more about backup and tracking software.

Deleted text messages don’t have to be lost forever. Take action right away if you think you’ve deleted something important. The web offers a variety of resources to retrieve and collect lost data. Just make sure you limit time on your device so you don’t overwrite the file. The wise move might be to back everything up beforehand. Now you know how to retrieve deleted texts on your Samsung smartphone.

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