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How To Read Some Else’s Text Messages: Advantages of Text Message Monitoring

We live in a world where our teens are equipped with all sorts of mobile electronic devices, which would prompt many of us to ask if it’s possible to learn how to get text messages from another phone sent to mine. It seems like every teen has a laptop, a smartwatch, and a mobile phone (or any combination of the three). They live differently than we did at their age. They are more attuned to the technological advances of the digital age and they thrive in these conditions.

But, as they say, nothing is perfect. There are a lot of benefits that a person can get from using these new devices. Using the internet or cellular technology, a child can communicate with their friend from across the country, or from halfway around the world. Although most children can use any of these mobile devices (yes, even a two-year-old), there are still dangers that they have to deal with. And they may get into trouble without intentionally doing so because of this.

Why Is There A Need To Track Your Kid’s Text Messages?

We feel that it is important that parents keep a close eye on our kids’ activities while using a mobile device, especially when they are texting. Texting is one of the most popular forms of communication in the United States. But what are your kids going to say? Would they see it as an invasion of their privacy? Legally, it’s not invasion of privacy, but what your child thinks depends on how you present it to them. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you would want to use text message monitoring on your kid’s phone.

Reasons Why You Should Monitor Your Kid’s Text Messages

1. This is a source of distraction for them. Being kids, they are easily sidetracked and may be addicted to text messaging. The large number of children owning mobile phones makes it easy for them to contact each other through this device instead of going out of the house and socializing in person. In fact, a lot of studies have proven that today’s kids prefer texting to actually meeting their friends and hanging out.

With that said, it is without a doubt a great idea to know who your child is texting. Using text message monitoring, you will be able to see that they are texting only the people that they are supposed to text, like their friends, classmates, and family members.

2. With the ease of communications comes a lot of content that can be shared. Much of this content is appropriate for your kid. But there may be some inappropriate content that can slip through the cracks. Some examples are sexts and violent or harassing messages. Texting is the domain of choice of cyberbullies, and they can send messages with impunity, owing to the anonymity afforded by the technology.

Text bullying is one of the main causes of teen suicide. They also cause children to be unfocused on their school work. If you notice that your kid does not have the usual enthusiasm when going to school, this may be a sign that they are being bullied and that you should look into it. Sexting can also be a mistake that your child may regret for the rest of their life. Any inappropriate or sexual photo that gets loose in cyberspace is fair game, and it may be shared in the school and cause your kid to be humiliated and damage their reputation.

3. Many parents may be aware of their kids pulling all-nighters just texting their friends. This causes them to not get the recommended 8.5 hours of sleep a day. Your child may become sluggish and unfocued. Sleep deprivation also causes complications that may cause your kid to be more susceptible to diseases. If you think that your child isn’t sleeping well at night, it might be time for you to start monitoring your kid’s text messages.

4. One of the most dangerous people that your child would be exposed to is a child predator. As with the text bully, these people thrive in the anonymity of text messaging. They can be anyone that they want to be. Kids, being inexperienced as they are, would believe this charade which can be a fatal mistake. It is suspected that child predators are the major cause of the almost 1000 kids disappearing in the United States every day, most of them never returning home to their parents.

With all of these threats facing you and your kid, it makes sense to have a cell phone monitoring app capable of completely accessing the target phone. Especially the text messaging and instant messaging apps, since many children use these to communicate with other people. And the top apps among the available monitoring apps are Highster Mobile and Auto Forward. 

Here are some of the benefits of using these top two monitoring apps.

  • You will be able to see what your kids are up to, without calling them. The app does the monitoring for you and all you have to do is generate the report on the activities of the target phone.
  • Geolocation makes the use of GPS to track the whereabouts of the phone, hence your child, so you can make sure that they are not in a dangerous place. You can also get to them as fast as possible if there is an emergency.
  • You can make sure that your kid’s social circle (i.e. the people she is texting) are not going to get her in trouble. This includes looking out for cyberbullies and child predators.
  • You will be able to block messaging apps anytime you want, especially at night. This means that you can help your kid have a good night’s sleep so they can be ready to face the next day.

Auto Forward and Highster Mobile also have well-designed interfaces that anyone can use. Learn more about these top monitoring apps by visiting for more information!