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How To Let Your Employees Know You Are Monitoring Them Using A Cell Phone Spy App

There are plenty of reasons why business owners continue monitoring their employees with cell phone spy software. It can provide a lot of insight into your company’s current and previous state, letting you come up with more educated decisions. However, as with all policies involving your workforce, you will need to carefully implement it or it will blow up in your face.

Why Monitoring Is At The Forefront of Company Growth

Today, we live in a world that gives a premium on data and information. There are plenty of firms that seek new and better ways to get the best returns on their investment, which means they must analyze data in order to come up with those decisions. That is why most companies increased the level of monitoring on their employees to see what else other data they can use to help them. 

It has been suggested in numerous studies that employees tend to be more focused on their tasks when they know they’re being observed and tracked. Monitoring has become a deterrent for employees who would normally waste away 2 to 4 hours of company time each day, losing the business tens of thousands of dollars every year on just one employee alone.

Monitoring Equals Data Security and Protection

There is a more important but less known benefit to having employees monitored, especially those who store sensitive information. Data leaks are a common occurrence and, in the days before digital monitoring, it is almost impossible to detect the source of the leaks. Digital monitoring of emails, text messages, and other means of communications have boosted the security of the information that a company holds by deterring the deliberate leaking of information. 

Guidelines For Monitoring Your Employees

Now that we have established the importance and the benefits of implementing monitoring practices in the workplace, it’s time we discuss how you should go about executing these policies. Monitoring, if done right, can be a game-changer for your company. But if done the wrong way, it could set your business back a few months. 

It might not induce mass hysteria and widespread paranoia that some think it does, but it can build distrust and disconnect between employees and upper management. That would slow down the workflow and will contribute to a reduced productivity by the employees.

So, here are some of the things that business owners should do when they start to implement monitoring practices:

    • Be very specific in your monitoring goals and be forthright about it with the employees.

Business owners should specify what is being monitored and why. They should also be honest with how the monitoring campaign is to be carried, what tools are going to be used, what metrics and activities are going to be observed, and how the resulting data is to be used. There are important reasons for this. First, if you are not specific or clear enough on the goals of the monitoring practice, you will end up with a confused and demotivated workforce, which will definitely slow down or even set back the growth of your company.

Second, not being totally truthful at the outset about what the end result is and what the company is going to do with the data once they have it will have your employees fearing for the security of their jobs. Even if you take the time to try and assuage their fears, once it has taken hold, their doubts will not be completely gone and your company may find that some of your top employees have jumped ship because they think their jobs are at risk.

    • Employee Monitoring should have a valid business-related reason

With employee monitoring, business owners should have a good reason for doing such practices. It would become very official and authoritative if the reason for having your employees observed and tracked is because the business needs it to grow. Employees would respond more positively and with more trust in the monitoring practice if the reason is about the company’s growth to which they might have a stake in.

When businesses want to monitor their employees, it should be very professional. Otherwise, if the reasons were private and personal, or even hinting at a personal vendetta, it would cause the employees to lose trust and make them feel as though their privacy is being invaded. This could quickly escalate to the point where employees would find some other places of employment, making your company’s turnover rate higher than it should be.

    • Have a specific set of rules about employees using company assets for personal use

This may sound wrong the first time you hear it but it will make sense. Imagine for a second that you are an employee and you are using a company laptop, computer or phone while at work. It is impossible that you will have complete privacy when using company assets. So, if you search for personal information on your company device, you may get in trouble for doing so. 

Employers should be very aware of these types of situations and what they can do to prevent it. They should start by creating very specific policies about personal use. It can save them boatloads of money and time by preventing lawsuits and litigation in the first place.

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