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How-To Guide To Using An iPhone Tracking App How-To Guide To Using An iPhone Tracking App

How-To Guide To Using An iPhone Tracking App

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Picture this, being able to track everything an iPhone does without even having to touch it. With an iPhone tracking app this... How-To Guide To Using An iPhone Tracking App

Picture this, being able to track everything an iPhone does without even having to touch it. With an iPhone tracking app this is possible. Let us explore in this how to guide what an iPhone tracking app is, its features, reasons to use a tracking app for iPhone, and FAQs.  

What is an iPhone Tracking App?

An iPhone tracking app is monitoring software that allows you to spy on an iPhone remotely. When the program is installed, it provides you with real time information from the iPhone like iMessages, phone calls, social media and web browsing, visible to the user via a personal dashboard. PhoneSpector is our pick for 2019’s top spy software. It allows you to collect nearly 100% of the content on the target phone. It will even extract deleted iMessages, text messages, photos and videos.  

Features of PhoneSpector for iPhone

    • iMessages – The complete contents of all sent and received iMessages are downloaded to your PhoneSpector dashboard. Along with date, time stamps and who is sending the message. 
    • Text messages – Complete contents of all sent and received text messages are downloaded. Along with date, time stamps and who is sending the message. 
    • Social Media – All posts and messages sent on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and more.
    • Keylogger – Captures all usernames and passwords that are entered. Captures and records all keystrokes and content form all apps used on monitored device.
    • Calls – A comprehensive report of all calls that were made and received on the monitored device. All entries have a date stamp and duration of call.
    • GPS Location – Real-time GPS location of iPhone to within a few feet of its actual location.
    • WhatsApp – Monitor and see all conversation taking place within WhatsApp.
    • Browser History – View all websites visited (Safari, Chrome, etc)
    • Installed Applications – See all installed and running apps on the target device.

Reasons to use a Tracking App for iPhone

There are many reasons you would want to use a tracking app for iPhone.  Here are the top 3:

Track your child

    • Know Where They Are: The GPS tracking feature gives you the ability to know exactly where your child is at all times, as long as they have their phone with them. If your child is supposed to be at a friend’s house, you can log on to your dashboard and make sure that’s exactly where they are.  
    • Online Bullying: Cyberbullying is a growing problem as children’s lives become more digital. Help protect your child from being a victim and step in before it’s too late.  
    • Screen Adult Content: Pornography and other adult content is easily found on the internet. Screen their content and decide what is appropriate for them to be viewing.
    • Online Predators and Sex Offenders: Online predators pose as children all the time and groom children into becoming their victims. Monitor their conversations with a spy app and make sure they aren’t being preyed on by anyone.
    • Cell Phone Screen Addiction: Teenage cell phone addiction is on the rise. Monitor your child’s screen time and set limits.  
    • Themselves: Kids are not always honest with their parents. If your daughter says she’s sleeping over Hannah’s house, but her phone is tracking at Trevor’s house you know she is lying and up to no good.  

Track your partner

    • Know Where They Are: If they said they are working late again, but their GPS location is showing them at a hotel you have reason to suspect they are being unfaithful.
    • Monitor Their iMessages: See who has been texting them at all hours of the night and why they’ve been super secretive with their phone. It even captures deleted messages and content.  
    • Access Their Social Media: Do they have a secret social media profile you don’t know about, where their status is set to single?  
    • Access Their Private Messages:  Monitor their private messaging accounts like WhatsApp to see what they are hiding.  
    • Keylogger: With the keylogger feature that records every stroke, get access to logins to apps that may have hidden photos and videos with evidence of sexting.  

Track your employees

    • Employee Productivity: If you have employees that work remotely or in the field, by monitoring your company-issued device, you’ll know exactly which employees are using them appropriately and productively.
    • Attendance: Are your employees where they’re supposed to be?  Or are they taking advantage of you?
    • Delivery Business: Get real-time updates on the location of your fleet.

How To Set Up iPhone Tracking App

Using an iPhone tracking app like PhoneSpector is simple, you do not need the target phone to track the device. Once you have purchased PhoneSpector, follow these instructions:

  1. Enter the Apple ID and password of the iCloud account associated with the iPhone you want to monitor. This is usually the same as the Apple ID and password of the iPhone.
  2. From your PhoneSpector online account, click on the ACCESS INFORMATION button.
  3. Data from the iCloud account will begin to download into your PhoneSpector online account where it can be viewed.

FAQs About PhoneSpector

What type of iPhones is PhoneSpector compatible with?

    • iPhone 5- iPhone 11 (all)
    • iPad (all)

What versions of iOS is PhoneSpector compatible with?

    • iOS 7- iOS 13

What carriers are supported?

All cell phone carriers are supported in all countries, including Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile,  AT&T and others.

How much does PhoneSpector cost?

PhoneSpector costs $69.99/month. This is very affordable compared to other app the cost hundreds of dollars. 

Does PhoneSpector have support?

PhoneSpector has Telephone Customer Support that comes free with every app purchase, that will walk you through your installation and set up.  

If someone you loves behavior has changed then it is definitely time to enlist the help of PhoneSpector. Don’t miss the signs when they can be uploaded right to your own personal dashboard. Download an iPhone tracking app today.   

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