How To Find Out Where Someone Works

how to find out where someone worksAre you curious as to where someone in your life works? Well, if you are, it’s relatively easy to conduct an employment background check online to see where they work. Below, we discuss how to find out where someone works and the typical reasons why someone would do this.  

Reasons To Find Out Where Someone Works

  • You’re Dating Someone New

When you start dating someone new, you’re just getting to know them and likely don’t know much about them. Part of learning about each other is finding out where the other works, or at least, their job title. If after the first or second date the person avoids the subject of their job, you need to find out where they work. This is a necessary dating safety precaution to take, especially if you think the person may be lying to you.

  • You Want To Surprise Someone You’re Dating At Their Workplace

If you’re dating someone, you may want to surprise them at work with lunch or flowers. However, if they haven’t told you the company they work for, how are you going to find out? That’s when you need to search their name and find their current place of employment.

  • Someone Owes You Money

Does a friend or acquaintance owe you money, but you don’t know where to find them? The easiest way is locating their place of work. You can easily search their name or phone number to find their work location, so you can pay them a visit. 

  • You’re Researching Business Freelancers

Businesses often utilize freelancers for work tasks, such as creating videos and blog writing. When looking into the legitimacy of these people, you should search where they’re currently working and where they’ve worked before.

How To Find Out Where Someone Works By Their Number

Reverse Phone Lookup


  • Step 3: Click Search and let Kiwi Searches do the work.
  • Step 4: View your search results and find out where the person works.  

How To Find Out Where Someone Works By Their Name

Search A Person


  • Step 3: Click Search and Kiwi Searches will gather the information for you.
  • Step 4: See what information was gathered, including where they work.   

Other Search Methods:

  • Social Media: People often include the company they work for on their social media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Google Search: Find out where someone works by Googling their name. However, there are no guarantees of finding out where they work this way.
  • Ask Around: See if anyone you know knows where the person works.

That sums up how to find out where someone works. Whatever your reason for searching may be, we hope this article has helped you!

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