How To Find Your Lost Or Stolen iPhone

free iPhone spy appThis has happened to all of us – you’re going about your day, on vacation, at work or at school. Then you realize your iPhone’s missing. Did I misplace it? Was it stolen? How can I find my iPhone? I will die without my iPhone! Well, the panic stops here. There are plenty of easy ways to find your missing iPhone, including using a free iPhone spy app or the Find My iPhone app.

4 Ways To Locate Your Stolen Or Lost iPhone

free iPhone spy app

Check The Places You’ve Been

Before you panic, check the places you visited. Did you put down your iPhone in the coffee shop, car, bathroom, or bedroom? Search all of the locations it may be. If you went to a place, there’s a chance it could have been turned in by someone and is waiting for you in the lost and found.

Use A Free iPhone Spy App

Get an iPhone spy software program and track your iPhone’s real-time location instantly. Most of these spy apps don’t require jailbreaking, which is useful since you don’t have the physical device. You’ll be able to see the phone’s location from your computer or tablet.

Locate It Using Your IMEI Number

Every iPhone comes with a 15-digit International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. You should have your IMEI number written down somewhere in the event your phone is lost or stolen. If you don’t, it may be on the box your phone came in. Then, you can either ask the police or your cell phone provider to track down you cell phone.

To find your iPhone IMEI number, go to Settings → General → About.

Find My iPhone App

iPhone owners can always rely on the Find My iPhone app. When you’ve lost your iPhone, you can log into your iCloud account online to view your phone’s location. It will even work when your phone’s battery is low! Through the app, you can also locate your iPhone by having it make noise or activating Lost Mode. To prevent strangers from stealing your information, you can lock your phone as well. 


Try all these methods, and I guarantee you’ll find your iPhone in no time! From my personal experience, using a free iPhone spy app is highly reliable and the best choice to make.

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