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How To Find Hidden Apps On Android Phones How To Find Hidden Apps On Android Phones

How To Find Hidden Apps On Android Phones

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Most people would have no need for hiding apps. However, there are secret apps not available to download from Google Play. Spy... How To Find Hidden Apps On Android Phones

Most people would have no need for hiding apps. However, there are secret apps not available to download from Google Play. Spy apps, and other applications like it, are not always visible on the home screen, and will require further digging to find. Luckily, Android devices have an easy way to find hidden apps of all kinds.

Finding Hidden Apps On Android



  1. Go to the Android phone’s settings.
  2. Click on “Apps”
  3. Click the drop menu, the three vertical dots on the top right.
  4. Choose “Show system apps.”
  5. View all installed (even hidden) apps. 

List Of Apps To Watch out For

  • Secret Calculator: This app is for private photo storage, that disguises itself as a harmless calculator. You can store photos and videos that nobody else can find without someone realizing you have a hidden folder. Access the app by typing a secret passcode into the calculator.
  • CoverMe: This stealthy app was developed as a secret messenger that can hide pictures, videos, contacts, and call logs. Privately text or call anyone with this application. Send disappearing messages. Create a private number. Store whatever files you want in a hidden folder.
  • Vault: Vault creates an encrypted folder where you can store pictures and other media in a private cloud. Vault is Touch ID capable, meaning you can log in with your thumbprint. Anyone that tries to log into the app has their picture taken as evidence. The app even creates a fakeout vault with its own separate password to trick any would be onlookers.
  • Android Spy Apps: These apps allow the user to see almost all activities on an Android smartphone. Call log, text messages, Chrome history, GPS location, and more will be visible to the user. Spy apps are often used for parental control to protect kids from online dangers. They’re also used by businesses to ensure employees are properly utilizing company equipment. Needless to say, if there’s a reason to monitor a cell phone, there’s a spy app that can do it.

Are Hidden Android Spy Apps Actually Helpful?

There is one cell phone that you could benefit greatly from spying on, your own. Aside from just giving you the ability to monitor a phone, Android spy apps also give you a place to store important files. Once you install the program onto your mobile device, simply log on to your user dashboard on your tablet, cell phone, or laptop. You’ll be able to see whatever apps are currently on your Android phone. You won’t have to worry about losing picture, other media, and contacts as everything will automatically save to the dashboard for you to view later. Spy apps can also help recover files from a phone that was hacked into, or otherwise damaged. Installing a spy app on your Android phone is like having a little extra insurance plan to defend it from harm.


There are several types of apps which can be hidden under the right circumstances. Some apps are helpful for giving you a place to store files you don’t wish for anyone to see. Others may be trying to steal your information. In that case, learning how to find hidden apps on Android phones is very important. Consider spyware as a personal defense against someone interfering with your phone. We keep a lot of important information on our mobile devices, and it pays to take whatever precautions you can.

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