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How To Find A Criminal Report Online How To Find A Criminal Report Online

How To Find A Criminal Report Online

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Did you know that up to one in three American’s have a criminal background? That means that there is a... How To Find A Criminal Report Online

Did you know that up to one in three American’s have a criminal background? That means that there is a very good chance that someone you know will come up with a criminal report in their lifetime. Hey, we all make mistakes in life, but we want to make sure the people who are around our families the most aren’t going to be a danger to them. Looking up a criminal history report online isn’t difficult and takes only minutes. It could be a decision that keeps you and your family safe.

When it’s time to do a criminal background check

There are several reasons you might want to get an online criminal report on someone.

When your kids get a new coach/scout leader/swim instructor, etc.

Child predators are out there and they like to position themselves as close to kids as possible. If your child is around any adult for an extended period of time it is a good idea to do a criminal background check on them to make sure there are no skeletons in their closets.

Since driving violations and DWI’s come up in these records you can see if this is a person you trust driving around with your kids in the car.

When you meet a date online

The internet is a great way to meet new people. It is also a great way to meet creeps. Before you meet in person run a background check and a criminal record search on them to make sure you are not meeting up with a criminal.

When you hire a contractor/cleaning lady/ babysitter

Anyone who will be in your home for a period of time should go through a background check. You need to be able to trust these people around your valuables, pets and families. You can also find licenses in these background checks so you can see if your contractor is properly licensed as well as if they have anything sketchy in their past.

When someone close in your life raises red flags

Is someone new in your life raising red flags. Something just doesn’t add up about what they say or their behavior is odd. You need to trust your gut in situations like that. Running a background check will put your fears to rest or confirm that this person is NOT who they say they are.


How To Do A Criminal Background Check

There are many ways to run a criminal report on someone. Sometimes it can be a long and laborious process and sometimes it can be as easy as clicking on a button.

Check local records

Criminal records are based by county or local state and if you don’t know the full history of where this person has lived it might be difficult to find all the information you are looking for. You can ask for information on someone through various agencies but you could be paying multiple fees for these reports.

Do a Complete Criminal Background Report Online

An easier way to do a criminal records check is to do one online with a service such as They allow you to type in the name of the person you are searching for and it scans all public records from law enforcement agencies across the country and delivers everything you need in just minutes.


What You Can Find In A Criminal Report

You can find a lot of things in a criminal report including:

    • Property crimes
    • Robbery
    • Burglary
    • Motor Vehicle Theft
    • Theft & Larceny
    • Aggravated Assault
    • Violent Crimes
    • Rape
    • Murder
    • Armed Robbery
    • Property Crimes
    • And more

What To Do If You Find Something In Their Report

If you find a criminal record on someone don’t panic, especially if the incident was a minor crime like a traffic violation or occurred a long time ago. If it was something small allow the person to explain themselves. If it was something major or they are a convicted sex offender it is a good idea to cut all ties with this person for your safety and the safety of your family.

You never know what will come up with in a criminal background check so be prepared to uncover information that will surprise or even shock you. Remember though, it is always better to know the truth than to be left in the dark.

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