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How To Clear Your Siri History How To Clear Your Siri History

How To Clear Your Siri History

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Through the latest updates, Apple is expanding on a variety of new features, including... How To Clear Your Siri History

Through the latest updates, Apple is expanding on a variety of new features, including their Siri privacy features. Every Apple device user utilizes the virtual assistant operating system to help make things simpler and easier. However, when you use Siri and Dictation, the things you say may be sent to Apple to help improve features within the device. It has been released that Apple employees have been listening to Siri recordings to help evaluate the virtual assistant’s responses. People have been using Siri on devices for a while now, and it’s left many users wondering – how can you delete your siri history?

What Is Siri? 

Siri is a voice-controlled personal assistant available to iPhone users. The concept is to talk to her like a person, and she will help you get things done. All you would need to do is simply talk to her as you would another person. You can ask Siri to send messages, turn on your Apple TV, set reminders, and many other useful commands. Siri has access to every application on your device, even your contacts for making calls and composing texts. Siri will do all the work for you without you having to lift a finger. 

Why Does Apple Use Dictation?

The Siri dictation features are used across many apps within our Apple devices and help improve their products through the latest updates. You can use dictation to help write text messages, make notes, and other useful voice recognition features. However, this raises a major concern for many Apple and other smart device customers. Recently, it has been revealed that these smart devices may be spying on peoples’ conversations. Apple states that their employees are listening to this data to improve Siri and dictation features. Even with Apple’s official statement, it has left many users looking for ways to stop smart devices from listening to them. 

How To Delete Your Siri History

All you need to do to clear your Siri history is go to the iPhone Settings app. Make sure that your device is running on the latest iOS update, click on General and choose Software Update. If the device needs to be updated, I recommend doing that before moving forward. From there, you need to click on Siri & Search. Now, you should see a tab that is called Siri & Dictation History. If you click on that tab, it will direct you to select Delete Siri & Dictation history

By deleting your Siri history, you are also removing the interactions with the phone’s dictation feature and will prevent Apple employees from listening to you. The data will also no longer be linked to your phone. To learn more about Apple’s Analytic policy when it involves improving Siri and other voice-enabled features, click on the link listed as, “About Siri & Dictation Analytics.” If you need further help clearing your Siri history, visit here

How To Opt Out Of Sharing Your Siri Data

Apple’s privacy settings make it easy to choose if you would like to help improve Siri by allowing the company to store audio files of your interaction with Siri and Dictation. All you need to do to enable or disable the feature is simply click on the Settings app. From there, you will need to select the Privacy tab and look for a tab that says Analytics & Improvements. After clicking on that tab, you can view what information you are sharing with Apple. Then, select what information you would like to send to Apple and choose to enable or disable this feature. 

With many people concerned about how safe Apple and other smart devices are, it makes people wonder who has access to our private information on these devices. Apple claims that they are making changes to the human grading process to help minimize the amount of data that reviewers have access to. Consumers want to keep as much data as possible protected and out of the wrong hands. Doing things like clearing your Siri history will limit the amount of information that your device is sending out to these companies. 

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