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How to Choose the Best Phone Spy App for iPhone How to Choose the Best Phone Spy App for iPhone

How to Choose the Best Phone Spy App for iPhone

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A phone spy app for iPhone has become an essential app for both parents and business owners alike. Once considered luxury items,... How to Choose the Best Phone Spy App for iPhone

A phone spy app for iPhone has become an essential app for both parents and business owners alike. Once considered luxury items, mobile phones are now essential gadgets in our daily lives. And in the United States, no smartphone is more popular than the iPhone. Based on 2022 statistics, iOS devices hold a market share of 55% of smartphones being used by Americans. That’s over half of all smartphone users, with Samsung coming in at a distant 28%. And with over 290 million Americans having smartphones, you can imagine how many of those belong to the Apple ecosystem.

With smartphone ownership and usage at an all-time high, most of which are iPhones, it makes sense that the need to protect these expensive gadgets and the data that they carry. A lot could go wrong, from personal data to company secrets and financial statements, if an iPhone gets stolen, whether it’s your phone or a company-issued one.

This is where an app with the ability to spy on an iPhone comes in. These phone monitoring programs can be the key to keeping your kid safe whenever he is online and essential in protecting your business investments and important data. 

Although Apple has done a commendable job in keeping up with new threats always coming out, an added layer of protection on your iPhone is always a good idea.

With so much iPhone spy software to choose from, your dilemma will be which spy app to choose. Which phone monitoring app will you charge for protecting your family or your business? 

It will all come down to what phone monitoring features each app can offer you that will entice you to choose it over the others. With that said, let’s take a look at what the best spy apps for iPhones should be able to offer you before installing the app:

  • It Should Be Able To Offer Excellent Data And User Protection.

Company-issued iPhones contain critical data and even sensitive information. Therefore, phone monitoring apps must be able to keep data safe. On the internet, threats and attacks can come from anywhere and at any time. Hacks, phishing scams, viruses, and malware are just a few of the online threats your company should be aware of. Since these company phones are connected to the internet 24/7, they should also be protected around the clock.

  • Spy Apps That Offer GPS Tracking Should Be Preferred.

If you are a parent to teenagers who love to go out with friends, knowing where they are can ease your mind from worrying that they are not in your sight every minute. With GPS location features on phone monitoring apps, you can immediately know where they are and if they are safe and secure. Knowing that our kids are safe whenever they are out on the streets is a primary responsibility of any mother or father.

If your business involves a lot of traveling, especially those involving time-sensitive deliveries, iPhone spy apps with GPS triangulation allow you to monitor and verify that your business is accomplished on schedule and your employee has arrived on time. Also, since the company almost always funds these travels, it is your right as an owner to know that your workforce is where they should be, especially during work hours.

An added benefit of GPS tracking for both parents and business owners is that you can immediately go to where they are or inform the authorities of their precise location in case of emergencies or other urgent reasons.

  • They Should Have Features That Help Prevent The Loss of The Device.

Here is alarming data for business owners to consider: On average, a person loses his or her phone at least once a year. With Apple being the market leader in the industry, that’s a staggering amount of lost iPhones. It’s very easy to lose a cell phone. It can easily fall out of your pocket while on the bus or in a cab. Or you can accidentally leave it at the restaurant table when you’re leaving in a rush. Worst of all, you can have your phone stolen or robbed from you. Phone prices have skyrocketed in recent years, and with iPhones always in demand, robbers and thieves would be able to easily dispose of your phone for cash.

Here is an even more terrifying piece of information: 95% of people who find lost phones admit to trying to look for sensitive data in these phones. This just goes to show that the data in your iPhone is never safe if ever you lose possession of it.

GPS tracking can help you recover your lost phone, but if someone already has a hold of it with no plans to return it, the concern shifts from recovering the phone to protecting its data.

Whether it’s a personal iPhone, a family member, or if it’s a company phone, spy apps should have the ability to disable the device and delete all of its data remotely.

  • Spy Apps Must Have A Robust Monitoring System For Us To Make Sure The Phone Is Used Properly.

iPhones issued to employers by the company should strictly be used for work-related functions only. The more irrelevant sites they visit or installed apps make the phone even more vulnerable to online threats, putting all the data stored in these gadgets at risk. 

Likewise, our children should not be able to access age-inappropriate sites and apps. Not only are they unprepared for what they might see or experience on those sites and apps, but it also makes them within reach of online threats like cyberbullies and sexual predators.

Phone monitoring apps should be able to monitor all the data stored in the target phone. Browser history, emails, phone calls, and SMS logs can all be viewed and monitored by the best spy apps

Activity on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter, among others, can also be accessed. Photos and videos, both sent and received, can be monitored so you can make sure that your child hasn’t received lewd photos from a sexual predator. 

Or that your employee isn’t doing the same to their co-worker.

Auto Forward monitoring app

These are some of the features you should consider when choosing the best spy app to use for an iPhone. Other features include the ability to control how the phone should be operated. You can block access to specified websites and prevent certain apps from being downloaded and installed. You can also monitor apps that have already been installed and control what they can access on the device. Premium spy apps like Auto Forward also have advanced features like tracking the target device for keystrokes and notifying you when certain words are being used on the phone. Words that can cause alarm like drugs, guns, or, especially if you have a teenage daughter, words like pregnancy or abortion.

If you are a responsible parent or a business owner protecting your investments and employees, as long as you are operating within applicable laws of the United States and your locality. In that case, you are certainly within your rights to make sure that the devices you give to your kids, or your employees, are being used properly and responsibly.


Do spy apps really work on an iPhone?

Yes, spy apps can effectively monitor iPhone data and have location tracking features.

Can I monitor my child’s iPhone from my iPhone?

If you have set up Family Sharing on your child’s phone and yours, you can monitor screen time and adjust content and privacy restrictions.

Can I read my child’s text messages?

If you have your child’s iCloud login info, you can use spy apps to check on their messages.

What’s the best iPhone spy app?

Premium phone monitoring apps like Auto Forward and Highster Mobile are among iPhone’s most popular spy apps.

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