How To Find The Carrier Of A Phone Number

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Today, there are a variety of cell phone carriers to choose from. Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, just to name a few. Sometimes, it might be useful to do a cell phone carrier lookup of numbers in your area to see what others are using. This can be beneficial, especially if you’re having poor reception with your current carrier. Below, we’ve detailed the process of conducting a cell phone carrier lookup.

How To Do A Cell Phone Carrier Lookup

cell phone carrier lookup

Step 1: Determine Your Reasons For Looking Up A Provider

Before starting, you need to ask yourself, why do I need to lookup the phone carrier of a number? Every person’s answer to this question will vary. Some typical reasons include; wanting to see what other carrier options are available in your area or wanting to switch to a new phone carrier. Just like with any major decision, you must determine your reasoning behind doing a free cell phone carrier lookup.

Step 2: What Number Do You Want To Search?

Next, you need to know the number(s) you want to do a cell phone provider lookup on. Do you want to learn the carriers your neighbors, family, or those calling you are using? Knowing the number(s) is essential to move on in the carrier lookup process.

Step 3: Find A Carrier Lookup Service

Now that you know the number(s) you want to lookup, you need to find the right carrier lookup service for you. There are plenty on the internet to choose from, however, make sure they’re within your budget and that you can afford it. One of the most popular cell phone carrier lookup services that we found is Kiwi Searches.  

Step 4: Conduct A Cell Phone Carrier Lookup

Once you have chosen the service, you can now run a paid or free cell phone carrier lookup. First, you have to enter the phone number you want to know the carrier of. Then, the service will do all of the work searching the public databases they have access to. After this, they will provide you with a report of the information gathered about the cell phone number including its carrier.

Step 5: View Your Cell Phone Provider Lookup Results

With your personalized report, you can now view your results and see what phone carrier the number is using. Often, you’ll get other information including the phone owner, where they live, family members, and more.


That sums up how to do a cell phone carrier lookup. It’s an easy and simple process that takes no time at all. Read our other informational How-To articles on Best Cell Phone Spy Apps!

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