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How to Block Pornhub on All Your Child’s Mobile Devices? How to Block Pornhub on All Your Child’s Mobile Devices?

How to Block Pornhub on All Your Child’s Mobile Devices?

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Kids really do grow up fast. It seems like you’ve just given birth to them last year and now they act more... How to Block Pornhub on All Your Child’s Mobile Devices?

Kids really do grow up fast. It seems like you’ve just given birth to them last year and now they act more like young adults than kids. The thing is, as kids think of themselves as more mature than they actually are, they tend to do things that could potentially harm them. In this digital age, one such thing that could harm them is accessing adult websites like Pornhub. The Pornhub website is very easy to access especially if your kids have their own computer or smartphone. Make sure to keep tabs on your kids’ online activities and learn how to block Pornhub and similar websites on their devices.

Effects of Pornography and Explicit Content on Children

Explicit content such as pornography can have lasting emotional and mental harm to kids.

  • Skewed Body Perception

Porn exposes viewers repeatedly to body types that they may then see as what’s ideal and appealing. This can negatively affect their body image and self-esteem. They may also have skewed perceptions and hold impossible standards of their partner’s bodies.

  • Objectification

Porn videos objectify people, both men, and women. People are portrayed as nothing more than sexual objects. Repeated exposure to such content could normalize this behavior in kids and teens. They would either learn to objectify others or find no issue about being objectified themselves.

  • Early Engagement in Sexual Intercourse

Young people who have been exposed early to sexual and pornographic content are most likely to engage in sexual intercourse at an early age. While there is no problem with sexual intercourse per se, early engagement comes with its own set of risks.

  • Sexual Aggression

Some porn videos contain sexual aggression. This can lead to kids and teens copying and displaying the same behavior.

  • Intimacy Disorders

Exposure to pornographic content can trigger trauma and affect one’s behavior. It can lead to a child’s sex addiction or cause intimacy problems. This will have a negative impact on one’s future relationships.

How to Block Pornhub and Other Adult Websites


Exposure to inappropriate and explicit content like porn can cause varied and lasting damage to your kids. Unfortunately, even if you want to constantly monitor their online and phone activities, this is simply not possible all the time. Fortunately, there are actually various ways to keep tabs on your kids’ device activities even when you’re not with them physically. There are also several ways on how to block porn websites like Pornhub on your child’s device.

  • Google Safe Search

One of the most common ways to block porn is via Google Safe Search. The catch is that whatever your child uses as a web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.), you have to make sure that Google is your child’s default search engine. Google Safe Search will help block images, videos, and other content that are deemed inappropriate.

To enable Google Safe Search, do the following:

  • On Mobile Devices

      • Open the Google app
      • Tap on the gear icon
      • Scroll down and tap on Search Settings
      • Under SafeSearch filters, tap “Filter explicit results”
  • On Computers

    • Go to 
    • Click Settings
    • Click on Search Settings
    • Click on Turn on SafeSearch
    • Lock SafeSearch
  • Screen Time

This option is available for iOS device users. It is not exactly a porn blocker app but it can help you monitor how your child spends their time on their device. This includes keeping track of which apps they use and which websites they visit.

You can either enable Screen Time on your kid’s device or manage their phone remotely through Apple’s Family Sharing feature. To turn on Screen Time on your kids’ device, do the following:

  • Go to Settings then select Screen Time
  • Tap Turn on Screen Time then tap Continue
  • Tap This is My Child’s iPhone

Make sure to pass-code protect settings to make sure that your child can not undo any restrictions you set.

  • DNS

DNS or Domain Name System is used by every mobile device to access the internet. You can replace the default DNS of your ISP with another DNS that helps filter mature content. You can configure your DNS settings by doing the following:

    • Go to mobile settings
    • Click on your WiFi
    • Tap to configure the DNS interface
    • Select the manual settings
    • Add the DNS server with to set the search engine in a safe mode.
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP)

You can also check with your ISP if they offer parental controls, content filters, and other features that could help in effectively limiting your child’s access to porn sites. Take note that every provider or company offers different features so you may want to ask different ISPs and switch if you find something better than your current ISP.

  • Google Play Restriction

If your child uses an Android device, you can also activate Google Play Restrictions to ensure that your kids won’t be able to download inappropriate apps and games. If you restrict Google Play, your kids won’t be able to install software, games, and other online services that are not suitable for their age. This means that their access to pornographic materials will also be limited.

Set up Google Play Restrictions on your kids’ device by doing these steps:

    • Go to the Play Store app
    • Go to Settings
    • Tap on Family then Parental Controls
    • Tap the toggle bar to enable Parental Control
    • Create content PIN
    • Tap on Set content restrictions and select which ratings you’ll allow your kid to access.
  • Parental Control Apps

You can also use parental control apps that have porn-blocking features. There are also phone monitoring software and apps that will allow you to better monitor your kids’ in-device and online activities. The best apps will usually allow you to monitor web browsing history and all other apps. This will effectively let you know whether your kid is accessing inappropriate sites like Pornhub.



Porn and other explicit content are online threats that you should vigilantly protect your kids from. Take necessary measures such as enabling content restrictions and filters. You can also use parental control apps or phone monitoring software. Moreover, make sure to talk to your child and make them understand the dangers of inappropriate exposure to explicit content. Set up and agree on rules and regulations and make sure that they understand accountabilities in terms of their internet usage and activities.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I block inappropriate sites on my child’s phone?

There are several ways to do this including getting in touch with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). You can also enable Google Safe Search as well as Screen Time for iOS devices. There are also porn blocker apps and parental control apps you can use.

  • How do I block adult websites on my phone without an app?

You can enable parental control features on the device. Content filters may also be activated via your ISP.

  • What are the consequences of inappropriate content?

Inappropriate content can cause emotional and mental harm, especially to younger ones who are more pliable and vulnerable. Sexual aggression, violence, and objectification – are only some of the consequences of exposure to inappropriate content.

  • What are some examples of inappropriate content?

Inappropriate content includes images and videos that depict violence and sexually implicit content. It also includes content promoting hate, unsafe behavior, self-harm, and more.


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