Best Cell Phone Spy Apps
How The Best Spyware for Android Phones and iPhones Can Help Parents and Employers

It may look like it’s pointless for most people, but if they really do understand the threats and dangers of the digital age, they would clamor for everyone to use spying software for cell phones. Social media, as we all know, is a minefield, and using instant messaging apps and the internet can be troublesome for adults. This is even truer for kids who are inexperienced when starting out using technology. Add to that the issues and dangers that business owners must deal with on a daily basis, without the help of cell phone monitoring apps. 

It is not easy to see these threats for what they are and what they can do. But once one does, they will see that it is very important to monitor the mobile phones issued to employees and given to children. Most children own and have access to computers and cell phones. This helps them communicate with their friends and family easily, and from anywhere in the world. 

Businesses are now providing employees with mobile phones for work-use. There is a trend that is becoming more popular right now, and that is replacing the old fixed workstations with mobile technology, specifically smartphones. They can be taken anywhere, fit into a pocket, and do just about anything that a desktop computer can.

What Threats Should Parents and Employers Look Out For?

It is worth repeating that there are things in the digital and business world which can have a huge impact on how a child thinks or how business owners run their companies. Recognizing these threats as real and very dangerous is the first step to creating a solution for them. Here we will be discussing some of them. 

Threats To Children:

    • Sexts. These are sexual photos and videos that are sent through a digital medium such as emails, instant messages, and most commonly through text messaging. This is pretty prevalent today, and studies have estimated that around 20% of all teenagers between 13 and 17 have sent or received inappropriate pictures through text and Snapchat. This is a large number, added to the fact that many of these teens are unaware of the consequences, such as the photos and videos being shared and posted in public forums.
    • Cyberbullying. This occurs when people take bullying to the digital world. Cyberbullies are very common and they are usually seen on social media sites and in online chat rooms. They also bully their victims using text messages and emails. The kids they victimize may show signs of instability and may even contemplate, and execute, suicide. This makes cyberbullies one of the most serious threats for children.
    • Too much screen time. Many parents may not consider this a threat, saying it doesn’t do any real harm. But what if you become aware that your child is not being productive at school because they stayed up late at night for social media and texts? Smaller children may even become addicted to screen-time and refuse to go out of the house to play with other kids. This could develop into a social issue, not just a personal one.
    • Child predators. One of the most serious dangers that any child can encounter is a child predator. The real threat to child predators is that they can be as anonymous as they want. They can even create a very believable fake persona in the digital world designed to lure their target into a vulnerable spot. Many believe that child predators account for most of the 1000 or so children that go missing every day.

Threats To Businesses:

    • Employees who waste time. Some people may say that this is not a big deal, but you have to look at the numbers to fully appreciate it. If a single employee is wasting an hour of their company’s time every day, this means that the company loses around $10,000 annually on that one employee. What if there are 2 or more slackers in every team? The company may be looking at losses that they may not recover from.
    • Leaked business information. Data is supreme in the business world, and every company has information that it must protect, including data from its clients and employees. What would happen, then, if their competitors somehow got a hold of this data? The company would be set back by months at the least, wherein they would have a minimal or negative growth.

How Monitoring Decreases The Stress For Parents and Employers

When you are thinking of call phone monitoring, there are none better than Highster Mobile and Auto Forward, the two best apps available on the market. These apps are chock full of features that can help digital parents and business owners in their monitoring project. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of using cell phone monitoring.

    • Auto Forward and Highster can display the contents of the target phone’s browsing history. It can even pull up the deleted search entries. This enables employers and parents to see if kids and employees are only accessing the sites they should be accessing. The apps deter employees from wasting time on their social media accounts or watching videos on YouTube for hours. They also warn the parents if their children are visiting sites that are inappropriate for their age, keeping misinformation and violent or pornographic content away from them.
    • The apps can also track the whereabouts of the phone, hence the holder, using GPS tech. Location tracking helps businesses comply with labor laws and increase productivity. Parents benefit from this by being able to see if their kids are in a safe location or not, so they can do something about it.
    • Auto Forward and Highster Mobile allows parents and employers to access all methods of communication on the phone, such as calls, text messages, emails, and instant messaging apps. Kids may be bullied or targeted by child predators, and the only way to know is if parents can read their children’s texts or emails. It also prevents business data leakage by its ability to trace the email or text which is the source of the leak.
    • These powerful apps can also access all the videos which are taken or received by the target phone, which provides evidence that can protect companies from accusations of harassment. Children are likewise protected from sexual charges like revenge porn. 

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