How Fast Are Galaxy S6, LG G4 and iPhone 6?

LG-G4-vs-Samsung-Galaxy-S6-vs-iPhone-6S-specs-features-price-comparison2-660x330There is no question that the LG G4, Samsung Galaxy S6, and the iPhone 6 are among the top smartphones you will find in the market today. Each of these brands of phones offer super rich displays and state-of-the-art camera features. Since wide screens and cameras are like standard features of smart phones these days, it’s interesting to know how they differ in terms of phone speed. If you are planning to do some sort of monitoring using cell phone software to spy on phones, you may want to know with which mobile phone unit will give you the best monitoring experience.

The Multi-Round Speed Test

In an aim to test the real speed capacity of the three amazing mobile phone units, a multi round speed test seemed really necessary. Firstly, the three phones were put through two graphic benchmarks, namely GFXBench 3.0 Manhattan, and the 3DMark Ice Storm. It was the Galaxy S6 that clearly edged the two other phones in both GFXBench and 3DMark off-screen performance. However, the winner in the GFXBench on-screen performance was the iPhone 6.

On the next round, the performance of the three mobile phone’s CPU was measure. This time, the software used was Geekbench 3. When it comes to the multi-core performance, the Galaxy S6 was the clear winner. However, in terms of the single core performance, the winner was the iPhone 6. Experts say that this is because the individual cores pack of the iPhone 6 had more power, while the Galaxy S6 used the additional cores for extra demanding tasks.

It was during the GFXBench battery test that the LG G4 finally came through. The LG G4 actually outlasted both the Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6 while running a graphics benchmark.

The final round of the speed test was in the heat department. A gaming test was performed where the iPhone actually dispersed heat evenly at 31 degrees Celsius. The LG G4, on the other hand, reached 36 degrees. What’s impressive here is that the heat was mostly felt at the top and not where the hands of users normally rest. The hottest of the three was the Galaxy S6 at 38 degrees.


The Galaxy S6 was proven to be the fastest among the three most popular smartphones of today. Aside from its amazing display and camera, its fast performance makes it the ideal mobile phone even to track a cell phone without access to the phone.

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