Best Cell Phone Spy Apps
How Can I Spy On a Cell Phone and Protect My Child At The Same Time?

Everything is going digital nowadays, including mobile phones. Due to extreme phone use, teenagers are becoming addicted to them, prompting parents to look for the best cell phone spy app to help them. The smartphone is used by kids to keep themselves entertained, not just to communicate with or call a person. Teenagers today are being whipped into a frenzy by all of the content available to them, including social media sites, online or offline games, and dating apps. You don’t ever see them very far away from their phones. In fact, you usually see them with their noses buried in their phones, with extreme cases not even bothering to sleep or eat.

This kind of behavior is making their parents very worried. They may blame themselves for this development since they may be too busy with work to spend enough time with their kids. Many parents don’t know there are monitoring apps available on the web, that is why they do not even consider using them. But the crux of the matter is that children are spending too much time on their mobile phones and parents need to be more proactive and search for ways to monitor and control what your kids are doing when they use their devices.

Parents Need To Use Monitoring Apps

If you are a parent of a young child or a teen, chances are you are raising a techie, or at the very least a young person who is more tech-savvy than you. Toddlers as young as 2 years old are now able to use a mobile phone, and as they grow older, they are exposed to more and more apps. Parents give their kids mobile phones because they don’t want them to feel that they are different than their peers. Another reason that these parents may get their kid cell phone is so they can more easily keep in touch with them. 

With all of these benefits that mobile phones are giving, there are some very glaring disadvantages that come with using them. But parents tend to ignore these disadvantages when they are purchasing mobile phones for their kids, and only focus on the advantages. Parents know that there is a great chance that their kids’ mental faculties will develop faster by using learning apps. And they think that their kids will just use the phone to watch some educational videos or explainers on YouTube or another website. But they will never know when their kids will start using their phones to communicate with an unknown or suspicious person, that is, without help. And this is about the time when they would start getting into trouble.

This is the main reason for getting a monitoring app for your child’s phone. Powerful software, such as the top two apps Highster Mobile and Auto Forward, will allow parents to access social media apps, call logs, emails, text messages, camera and gallery, web history, and GPS tracker. Parents can basically see almost the entire phone. Parents think they know their kids but they might be surprised when they see their behavior when they use their phones, far from prying eyes and in their own private safe space.

How Parents Can Use The Monitoring App Features To Keep Their Kids Protected

Auto Forward and Highster Mobile are similar apps and they both have features that can help protect kids while they are using their mobile phones. Children usually aren’t aware of the threats and dangers that they will be facing when using smartphones. Even the older and more experienced ones may be surprised that the thing or person they consider safe actually can do them harm. Let’s take a look at some of the features of these apps and how they help parents deal with these dangers.

  • Text message monitoring. Powerful cell phone monitoring apps can access the instant messaging and text messaging apps of the target phone. Using these apps, they will be able to see all the messages that were sent and received by the phone, as well as the numbers they were sent to or received them from. This way, they can see who their kids are keeping in touch with through text or IMs, and what they are talking about. This feature can keep child predators away from children, and can stop kids from spending too much time texting friends. 
  • Web history. There is a lot of content on the web that can be useful to kids, such as research studies for their term paper or educational videos and explainers to teach them how to properly do things. This content can help develop their mental faculties and help them with their school work. With that said, there’s also a lot of content that isn’t appropriate for kids on the internet. And the sad part is that many of these are disguised as content that is age-appropriate. Examples are pornographic or violent videos and photos that can be found in some sites that seem harmless at first glance.

Knowing which websites a kid is frequenting will be able to let parents know the kind of content that their child is exposed to. The parent can then formulate a plan to keep their kid away from these kinds of sites and content in the future.

  • Geolocation. Highster Mobile and Auto Forward can both access the GPS tracker on the target phone and tell the parent exactly where the kid is at that moment. It can even generate a report with the locations where the child has been, allowing the parent to see if their child has been to a place that is unsafe or inappropriate for them. This also allows the parent to go to where the child is in times of emergency.

There are plenty more features that these top apps have to offer to their users. If you want to know more about how Auto Forward and Highster Mobile can help parents, come and visit for more information.