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How Can I See My Boyfriend’s Text Messages Without Him Knowing? How Can I See My Boyfriend’s Text Messages Without Him Knowing?
If you're starting to ask yourself something like "how can i see my boyfriend’s text messages without him knowing?", you're... How Can I See My Boyfriend’s Text Messages Without Him Knowing?

If you’re starting to ask yourself something like “how can i see my boyfriend’s text messages without him knowing?“, you’re certainly in a relationship where there is distrust. Contrary to what many of us believe, distrust in relationships isn’t caused by just a single breach of trust. What causes a person to lose trust in his or her significant partner are smaller instances that happen over time. Several broken promises, and patterns of unreliability or uncaring behavior give one person a lot of reasons to doubt the loyalty of their partner.

A person does not lose trust overnight. Instead, distrust develops continuously in stages. If you’ve been experiencing any of these emotional stages then it’s time to take action, and spy on your boyfriend’s phone without him knowing.  

Emotional Stages of Distrust

    • Stage 1 – DOUBT: When you start having a sense of doubt, you begin to experience some uncertainty about your partner’s trustworthiness, and this causes you to overthink.
    • Stage 2 – SUSPICION: When unresolved, doubt can lead to suspicion, which is believing in something but not having any proof. It’s your trust radar that is saying something isn’t right. Leaves you wondering, who is my bf texting?
    • Stage 3 – ANXIETY: This is when you feel uneasy or apprehensive, and it is manifested physically. It’s very likely that you will experience a rapid heartbeat, nervousness, anger, and even disgust.
    • Stage 4 – FEAR: At this stage, you will feel afraid even for your own emotional wellbeing.
    • Stage 5 – SELF-DEFENSE: You begin to put up walls between you and your partner to prevent him from getting close to you and hurting you again.

Reasons To Spy On Your Boyfriend’s Texts

– Cheating

If your boyfriend has suddenly been focusing on his personal appearance by working out, seeing the barber regularly, and even buying new clothes, you have something to worry about. Especially if it’s not being done to impress you. Does he come home later and later, and use the excuse of working late? Has your sex life changed, either he’s become hypersexual or there’s a lack of intimacy. These are all signs your boyfriend is cheating on you.  

– Sexting

Has your boyfriend become extremely possessive over his cell phone? He’s eager to respond to it every time it buzzes and looking a little too happy. He even makes sure not to leave the phone in the car when he steps out to pump gas. These are all signs he is sexting with someone, which is a form of microcheating. You will need to spy on his text messages with a spy app to catch him in the act, because he won’t be sloppy and leave his phone lying around.  

– Gambling

Does your boyfriend have extreme reactions to the outcome of sports games? If it’s feast or famine. Or he’s getting desperate regarding his finances and making excuses why he can’t pay for things. And spending too much time at one bar in particular. Or even come home injured or with damage to his vehicle. These are all red flags for gambling addiction. To see who he’s talking to and track your boyfriends activity, enlist the help of a spy app.   

Spy On His Texts Using Highster Mobile!

Highster Mobile is undetectable cell phone spy software that will give you access to virtually everything on the target device, including texts. You no longer have to question if you are imagining things or if your boyfriend is really up to no good. Everything from his phone will be updated to a Live Control Panel for you to view.  

Some of phone information you’ll be able using Highster Mobile includes:

    • iMessages & Text Messages: Every iMessage and SMS text message is logged including the contents, date and time stamp. Even deleted messages are recorded and available on your dashboard. You’ll be able to see, who he’s texting, sexting, or placing a bet with.  
    • Private Messaging: If he has anything shady going on, it’s definitely written all over the DMs. Access his social media inboxes, WhatsApp, Kik, Skype, and more.  
    • Phone Apps: View his phone apps, so if he’s got Tinder or Ashley Madison downloaded, you know he’s a cheater!
    • Photos & Videos: All photos and videos sent and received will be captured in the Live Control Panel. Including any deleted content. So if he’s blasting out dick pics, you’ll catch him in the act.
    • Email: All contents of every email sent and received including date, time and to whom the email was sent or received from.
    • Social Media: All posts on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter can be viewed through Highster Mobile. See if he’s commenting back and forth with an ex flame.  
    • Enhanced GPS: Know his every move with real time GPS location. Updated on Google Maps, you’ll be able to see if he’s at a hotel when he says he’s “working late”.
    • Keylogger: The keylogger feature records every keystroke that takes place on the monitored phone. If he’s using a cheating app, the Keylogger will record username and password information so you can crack the code and see what he’s hiding.  

Now that we’ve answered your question, “how can I see my boyfriend’s text messages without him knowing”, all you need to do is download the Highster Mobile app and find out the truth. To learn more about this product, click here.  


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