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Hoverwatch Review Hoverwatch Review
  Hoverwatch is an Android cell phone and computer tracker. It can be used on all Android cell phones, as well as Mac... Hoverwatch Review


Hoverwatch is an Android cell phone and computer tracker. It can be used on all Android cell phones, as well as Mac laptops and computers that run on Windows. So, this product is great for parents looking to monitor a child’s cell phone (Android only) and computer activities. The features Hoverwatch includes differs depending on the plan you choose and what your target device(s) are. 

Over the years, Hoverwatch has received mixed reviews, most of which are negative. For example, on Trustpilot 35% of the reviews are rated “Bad” and 18% are rated “Poor”. The reviews point out a few negative aspects of Hoverwatch including:

    • Poor customer service. It’s hard to get in touch with an actual representative. 
    • Data is missing and/or isn’t being extracted properly.
    • The product does not work and doesn’t include all the features as described. 

If you are specifically looking for cell phone monitoring and tracking software, we recommend getting Auto Forward instead, as Hoverwatch has no iPhone tracking product and it is more expensive. So, if you are a parent looking to monitor an iPhone, you cannot do so using Hoverwatch. However, if you want to monitor your child’s computer or laptop, you must use Hoverwatch or similar computer tracking apps. 

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What Are The Hoverwatch Plan Options?

hoverwatch review

Hoverwatch does provide various plan options to accommodate all budgets and needs. Their plans include:

    • Personal: Costs $8.33 – $24.95 per month to monitor 1 device. 
    • Professional: Costs $3.33 – $49.95 per month to monitor 5 devices.
    • Business: Costs $1.67 – $149.99 per month to monitor 25 devices. 

The pricing plans all depend on whether you get a 1-month, 3-month, or 12-month subscription. For those looking to monitor multiple devices, Hoverwatch is a good option. However, when compared to Auto Forward, Auto Forward is still the better choice. For Auto Forward’s Pro Plan, you only pay a one-time payment of $69.99. If you would like to monitor multiple devices, you can purchase the extended download warranty for $29.99 (one-time payment), which allows users to install Auto Forward on an unlimited number of devices. 


How Does Hoverwatch Collect The Data?

Before you receive any device data, you must sign-up for a Hoverwatch account and install the app on the device(s) you want to monitor. So, unlike similar apps, you MUST have physical access to the Android phone, Mac, or Windows computer to install Hoverwatch. The installation process for each is similar but does differ depending on the target phone or computer. 

Once the installation is complete, the data is extracted from the target device and uploaded to your online account. This software runs in the background, so you can discreetly track a device. 


Key Hoverwatch Features

The features Hoverwatch includes depends on the device you use the monitoring app on. Below, we’ve listed the key features for each type of device. 

Hoverwatch For Android Will Let You:

    • See the device’s browsing history.
    • Read text messages and private messages on Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Viber. 
    • View the phone’s GPS location. 
    • Take screenshots of the device’s screen.
    • Review the device’s call history including missed calls. 
    • Record phone call audio (be careful as this is often illegal). 

Hoverwatch For Mac Will Let You:

    • Keep a record of all the pressed keys on the computer (keylogger).
    • Read messages on Facebook, Skype, iMessage, and more. 
    • Take screenshots of the Mac computer screen.
    • See all of the websites visited online. 

Hoverwatch For Windows Will Let You: 

    • Track the computer’s GPS location. 
    • Record all the keystrokes typed on the target computer. 
    • View all the websites visited on the internet. 
    • Read Facebook Messages. 
    • Record Skype calls (be careful as this is often illegal).
    • Remotely take photos through the computer’s webcam. 
    • Take screenshots of the computer screen. 


Hoverwatch vs. Auto Forward: Which Is Better? 

Some may say Hoverwatch sounds like an amazing product. However, when you look closer, you’ll realize it isn’t worth the money. On top of that, we noticed several flaws with the software that we would like to point out:

    • It cannot be used to monitor an iPhone or iPad (which Auto Forward can). 
    • Hoverwatch includes features that are often deemed illegal to use. This includes the ability to record phone call audio on cell phones and Skype. 
    • It doesn’t include all of the features necessary to monitor a cell phone. For example, it is missing the features of email monitoring, remote uninstall, and being able to view photos and videos on the device. 
    • The price is steep, especially for the features that are included. 

Based on these points and the information about Hoverwatch provided above, Auto Forward is the clear winner if you are looking to monitor an Android device, iPhone, or iPad. 

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