Highster Mobile: What Makes It a Top Phone Monitoring Software for iPhone and Android

Highster Mobile What Makes It a Top Phone Monitoring Software for iPhone and Android.jpgIt was a few years back when phone monitoring software for iPhone and Android devices were introduced. There were only a few of them then. Today, however, with cell phones being indispensable in everyday life, countless spy software have emerged. How will consumers choose the best one for their use? Highster Mobile is one of those spy apps that is worth your money, time and effort.

What is Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile has been recognized as the best in mobile phone monitoring software reviews especially when it comes to parents’ and employers’ use. It can remotely access messages, calls, GPS and more from any Android and supported Apple device. As a powerful and very useful mobile monitoring app, Highster is ideal for tracking children and employees’ location and phone activity.

Features of Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is a safe mobile monitoring software suited for parents and employers. With its remote and discreet access features, children and employees won’t have any idea their messages, call, photos and videos, emails and browser history, GPS location, social media, and all installed apps can be viewed. It is impressive to know that all these data can be seen even if these get deleted.

Its control panel, where all the settings can be set up and data is sent to, is quite sophisticated yet easy to use. Also, the stealth camera is a top notch feature of Highster. It lets the user take pictures and videos using the target phone’s camera.

What is even more notable is that Highster has a search alert feature which alerts the user whenever a preset term is being used on the phone. The user can then utilize the block feature whenever he likes. This enables a user to restrict selected actions on the phone.

Moreover, it is compatible with all phones and tablets, has lifetime upgrade and a cancel anytime policy. Plus, a free trial is available.

The Cons

Highster Mobile’s amazing features might be the reason why it cost more than the usual spy app. For $69.99, you get a lifetime license. It is a one-time payment so it is up to the user to decide whether this is an advantage or not. Also, its downloading process takes a bit longer compared to other software.

Just like other spy apps, consumers fear their privacy can be tapped on with the use of spy apps as some cell phone monitoring software review site.


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