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Highster Mobile – Listen To Surroundings Feature

Highster Mobile is already the premiere cell phone monitoring software that makes your life easier. This fantastic software allows you to spy text messages...

Highster Mobile is already the premiere cell phone monitoring software that makes your life easier. This fantastic software allows you to spy text messages and chat conversations, upload photos and videos and all social media activity, gives the user the GPS location of any target phone, and so much more. You already know that Highster Mobile is compatible with all Android (such as Samsung, Motorola and LG) and Apple devices (such as iPods, iPads and iPhones.) How can such a brand improve on its already amazing details?

Highster Mobile goes one step further by announcing an exciting new feature called Listen To Surroundings. With this added new element, you can now turn the target phone you’re monitoring into a powerful listening device with just the click of a button.

How does it work? From any remote location, and on any device (cell phone, laptop or tablet), just tap the “on” button on your control panel in your Highster Mobile account. This allows you to have instant access to the microphone on the target phone, and allows you to listen to the surroundings on that phone. Are you in New York and the target phone is in Arizona? No problem. Whatever the distance you are from the phone you’re monitoring, Listen To Surroundings can access the background surroundings. If you’re in a different time zone, a different state, or just across the street, this feature gives you access to that phone’s background activity.

Man in suit cupping his ear with his hand

Man in suit cupping his ear with his hand

But there’s more! Once you tap the “on” button on your control panel, the software will begin to record exactly what’s happening on that the phone. Tap button again, and it will toggle to “off” mode. Highster Mobile will then upload a recording to your control panel. Recordings typically last between 10-15 minutes, and once it’s uploaded, you can listen to it at your convenience, at any time you want.

Why would anyone need this feature? The world can be a dangerous place. If you’re a parent, cell phone monitoring software can be today’s modern babysitter. For some kids, today’s social media can lead to social anxiety. Bullying is still a classroom worry. Wouldn’t you feel safer if you knew you can intervene at any time? By using Listen to Surroundings, you can stop bullying in its tracks and protect your child instantly.

If you’re an employer issuing company mobile devices, now you can make sure that your employees are using the phone for business use only, not personal. Your profits can be kept in your pocket while you protect your bottom line. And everything that happens on that phone can be recorded, so there’s no question or argument as to what happened and when.

And there’s another added bonus: you can continue to record! For example, you can record once, stop the recording, upload it, and then record again. This is so convenient if you need to perform multiple tapings on that phone. Once you have all the recordings you need, you can string them together or use them separately.

You already know that the software cannot be detected. This goes the same for Listen To Surroundings. The user of the target phone will never know that this feature is running on his or her phone. Now you have the ability to listen to a target phone’s background and record it for future use – from the palm of your hand! What could be more convenient?

Highster Mobile is already today’s most authoritative and affordable cell phone monitoring software. With Listen To Surroundings, you now have an additional feature that goes beyond the competitor cell phone spy brands. Still need more information? Read the Highster Mobile review at for complete details.